President Roosevelt was tired of Churchill pushing him around so that led to
his assassination in Warm Springs, Georgia, on April 12, 1945.

Under Churchill, those 2 men were intimately involved in the assassination of President Roosevelt:

Allen Dulles
Judas Dulles (1893–1969).

CIA director from '53 to '61.


Spymaster Judas Dulles had a lot of reasons for assassinating the President—the most important being amnesty for Adolf Hitler and the other top Nazis.

Julius Caesar Groves needed the President dead before he could use his nuclear arsenal.

Judas Dulles was fired by President Kennedy in 1961, and he immediately began planning his second Presidential assassination.


Julius Caesar Groves.

Roosevelt was stricken with Howe polio in 1921. From that time onward he was confined to a wheelchair and had to be pushed around.

A very rare photo of FDR
A very rare photo of FDR
in a wheelchair.

President Roosevelt was secretly confined to a wheelchair for his unprecedented 4 terms in the White House.

Finally, in 1945, he regained his legs and moral strength by refusing to let Churchill push him around any longer.

The President was determined to keep his word to Stalin and insisted on unconditional surrender of the Fascists and Nazis.

FDR was paralyzed from
FDR was paralyzed from
the waist down.


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