Map of Sir Francis Drake's circumnavigation of the globe!!

Map of Drake circumnavigation of the globe 1577-1580).

Map of Sir Francis Drake's circumnavigation of the globe 1577-1580).

Here is a very rare map engraved by Nicola van Sype, with French descriptive texts and vignettes from the Library of the Hispanic Society of America, New York.

Above Nova Albion can be seen the arms of Queen Elizabeth I.

Drake was the first man to see both the north and south poles of the globe.

An inscription beneath Drake's medallion portrait reads: "Map seen and corrected by the said Sir Drake."

In the area just above Florida a territory named NEW FRANCE appears. That area was colonized by French Protestants (Huguenots) under Jean Ribault in 1562.

The colony was wiped out by brutal Spanish soldiers from their base in Augustine, Florida.

The Virginia colony of Roanoke further north was also destroyed by the Spaniards.

After the voyage of Sir Francis, the Spaniards fortified the Magellan Strait, and entry was forbidden to ships of any other nation.

No Northwest Passage actually existed, so the descendents of the Pilgrim Fathers had to colonize the entire continent from east to west before they finally gained possession of California in 1848.