Saint Paul said: "For there is one Elohim, and ONE mediator between
Elohim and men, the man Christ Joshua" (I Timothy 2:5).

It is beyond belief but the Dominicans, Franciscans, and Jesuits want to place the capstone on their pyramid of lies by promulgating a FIFTH and final papal Dogma. That Dogma will define "Spear-shaker" Athena or Minerva as the Co-Redeemer of the human race with Joshua the Messiah.Their "Spear-shaker" is disguised as the humble Virgin Miriam who gave birth to the Messiah....Theologically, this is tantamount to adding a FOURTH person to the Holy Trinity!!

Up to the present time the Vatican has officially proclaimed 4 Marian dogmas. Here are the 4 deadly dogmas:

Maria or Mary proclaimed "Mother of God."
Council of Ephesus 431 AD.
Maria of Mary proclaimed "Perpetual Virgin."
Pope Martin I in 649.
The Immaculate Deception.
Pope Pius XI in 1854.
Assumption into heaven.
Maria or Mary as Co-Redemptrix with Christ.

The foundation of the 4 deadly doctrines were laid with the corrupt Latin Vulgate of Jerome. When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, JEHOVAH promised to send a Redeemer who would finally crush Satan's head. That Redeemer was MALE:

And I (JEHOVAH) will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; HE shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel (Genesis 3:15).

Here is that same verse from the corrupt Latin Vulgate Version:

I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: SHE shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel (Genesis 3:15, Douay-Rheims Version).

When Miriam was visited by the angel Gabriel to announce the virgin birth of the Messiah, Gabriel said that she was highly favored by JEHOVAH:

And the angel came in unto her, and said, "Hail, thou that art highly favoured, JEHOVAH is with thee: blessed art thou among women" (Luke 1:28).

The Latin Vulgate says that Miriam was full of grace:

And the angel being come in, said unto her: Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women (Luke 1:28, Douay-Rheims Version).

Another deadly change by Jerome was changing REPENT to DO PENANCE. From that time onward, no matter what crimes the Catholics committed, they could run to the priest and he would forgive them after they said the appropriate penance. That is why Jackie Kennedy was forgiven right after shooting her husband with her small pistol hidden in a lambchop puppet.

From the 5th century onward, Minerva worship became pandemic, as Satan endeavored to replace the Messiah was a female goddess.

Catherine Labouré
Catherine Labouré


In 1830, Lucifer appeared to a French Jesuit nun named Catherine Labourné and called himself/herself "The Immaculate Conception."

That was the first time in history that Satan appeared standing on a GLOBE.

Satan ordered that a medal be issued without delay of him/her standing on the GLOBE.


The first global demonic
apparition was in 1830.

Pope Gregory XVI ordered an "investigation" into the apparation, and by 1832 a goldsmith named Adrien Vachette was already producing and selling the medals.

Pope Gregory XVI (1765–1846).
Pope Gregory XVI (17651846).
Pope from 1831 to 1846.


Pope Gregory XVI wasted no time in approving the "Miraculous Medal."

One side showed Minerva standing on a globe, while the other side showed the Sacred Heart of Jesus, crowned with thorns, and the Immaculate Heart of Mary pierced with a sword.

The only "miraculous" part of the medal was the GLOBE that kept oceans, people, birds and animals glued to its surface!!


Minerva is seen standing on a globe
Minerva is seen standing on a globe
with a snake under her feet.

The words that appeared on the medal in French said: "Ô Marie, conçue sans péché, priez pour nous qui avons recours à vous." Translated into English that means: "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee."

By 1836, Vachette had sold over 2,000,000 medals, with the Sisters of "Charity" and the Vatican receiving a large share of the profits.

.As devotion to the "Miraculous Medal" spread like wildfire throughout Europe and the world, images of the world in the shape of a GLOBE proliferated. Christians who upheld the Biblical cosmology didn't realize that they were really fighting a GLOBAL Inquisition.

Ida Peerdeman
Ida Peerdeman


In March 1945, Satan appeared to a woman in Holland named Ida Peerdeman.

Lucifer was standing on the very conspicuous, "Miraculous Globe," and called himself "Lady of All Nations."

In April of the same year, Adolf Hitler retired to Argentina, and the United Nations was born when Rockefeller donated land for their HQ in Manhattan.


The demonic apparition with
The demonic apparition with
his/her feet on the globe.

Here is part of the message that Lucifer gave to Ida Peerdeman at that time:

Look at My Image and study it well. Retain this clearly in your mind. I am standing on the GLOBE and both my feet are resting firmly on it. You also clearly see My hands, My face, My hair and My veil. All the rest is in a haze. Look closely to what protrudes to both sides of My shoulders and above My head. (Messages of Our Lady of All Nations, p. 64).

The founding of the United Nations in New York was a vital part of this "Lady of All Nations" Papal scam. Rockefeller donated lands for the building of that Tower of Babel on the East Site of Manhattan.

UN HQ in Manhattan.
UN HQ in Manhattan.

UN headquarters is located in New York City.

New York is named after King James II of "warming pan plot" infamy.

Amazingly, the UN adopted a flat earth map as their official logo.

The official UN logo.
The official flat earth UN logo.

To promote this dogma in the United States of Israel, a Franciscan college was established in Steubenville, Ohio, in 1946. The name of the college was changed to the Franciscan "University" of Steubenville in 1980.

A Catholic "university" is an oxymoron because the Syllabus of Errors condemns all learning and human progress (except cryptology).

Franciscan Steubenville "University."
Franciscan Steubenville "University."

In 1946, a Franciscan "college" was established in Ohio to promote the TOP SECRET Fifth Marian Dogma.

In 1980, it became known as the Franciscan "University" of Steubenville.

A "professor" named Mark Miravalle is their spokesman for the Dogma and he has written a whole plethora of books on the subject.

Mark Miravalle (b. 1959).
Mark Miravalle (b. 1959).

"Professor" Miravelle has met with several Popes, urging them to proclaim the Fifth Dogma, but they did not think the geopolitical climate was ripe. Miravalle considers Orthodox Russia the main impediment to universal acceptance of the Dogma.

The "patron saint" of this Dogma was a Polish Franciscan friar named Maximilian Kolbe. For his zeal in spreading devotion to Maria as Co-Redemptrix with Christ, Kolbe was canonized the Pope John Paul II in 1982.

Maximilian Kolbe (1894–1941).
Maximilian Kolbe (18941941).

Franciscan friar Maximilain Kolbethe driving force behind Marian worshipdied at Auschwitz, Poland, on August 14, 1941.

His death at Auschwitz was the inspiration for the "Holocaust Hoax."

The word "Holocaust" comes from the Latin Vulgate Version and it means "sacrifice" or "burnt offering."

Auschwitz work camp.
Auschwitz work camp.

It was only after Hitler's defeat by Mother Russia that the Holocaust Hoax became necessary. Hitler was supposed to enter Moscow and Knight of the Holy Sepulchre Benito Mussolini was supposed to enter Jerusalem. Occupation of the Middle East by Fascist Italy would have rendered the Holohoax totally unnecessary.

The "miraculous globe" undermined the foundation of the earth!!

It is indeed a stupendous miracle how oceans, mountains, continents, and all living things remain glued to the rotating ball earth. "Sir" Isaac Newton gave the name GRAVITY to this stupendous miracle.

Even though children were exposed to the ball earth when they first entered kindergarten, it wasn't until the dawn of the "space age" that thinking people were forced to accept it as a "scientific" fact.

The fact that the earth is stationary and flat is the very foundation of Christianity:

Of old you laid the foundation of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands (Psalm 102:25).

Satan knows that he must undermine the foundation in order to enthrone is mother goddess.

Isaac Newton
"Sir" Isaac Newton


Jesuit "Sir" Isaac Newton invented GRAVITY to explain why the oceans, and all living things, stick to a rotating ball earth.

Newton was a bitter foe of the Fifth Monarchy Men, and he spent most of his life studying the Book of Daniel and Revelation in order to refute them.

Gravity did away with antipodes or men walking upside down in the Southern hemisphere.

Gravity is supposed to keep the big
Gravity is supposed to keep the big
blue marble suspended in space.

According to Jerome's corrupt Latin Vulgate Version, the earth is suspended in space by NOTHING:

He stretched out the north over the empty space (Lat. super vacuum) and hangeth the earth upon nothing (Lat . super nihili). (Job 26:7, Douay-Rheims Version).

That is an apt description of the earth according to Newton: A ball hanging in SPACE suspended by NOTHING or GRAVITY. Newton had

Astronot Karen Nyberg demonstrating
Astronot Karen Nyberg demonstrating
"zero gravity" on the fake ISS.

Newton's "law of universal gravitation" states that "a particle attracts every other particle in the universe using a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them."

In other words, the further an object is from another, the less the gravitational attraction.


A clown demonstrating "zero gravity"
on the fake Intl. Space Station.

To prove this bizarre theory, astronots aboard a fake ISS are shown in "zero gravity." Newton had to invent gravity to keep objects glued to his grease ball earth.

A 1964 Walt Disney movie actually prepared the way for the space progran by demonstraing how "gravity" is overcome.

"Gravity" defying Mary Poppins arriving
at 17 Cherry Tree Lane in London.

A 1964 Walt Disney movie named Mary Poppins actually demonstrated how weightlessness is obtained.

Lessons learned in the making of Mary Poppins allowed NASA/Walt Disney to apply similar techniques to the "space program" and "moon landings."


A "gravity" defying tea party on the
ceiling with Mary Poppins.

Remove gravity from the fake Newtonian system and the foundation is as unstable as water. That has not prevented NASA from spending billions of taxpayer dollars to prop up their crumbling foundation. To go to so much trouble to exalt a female pagan deity is beyond belief.

The Jesuit Maria or Mary is the Roman goddess Minerva!!

The humble Miriam, who was the mother of the Messiah, had nothing to do with goddess worship or exalting females over males. After the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost, she is not mentioned again in the New Covenant.

The "virgin" that Rome exalts is actually Minervathe Roman equivalent of Athena.

Athena the daughter of Zeus.
Athena was the daughter of Zeus.

Athena, the daughter of Zeus, was known as the Parthenos or VIRGIN.

Like her father Zeus, her temples were served by thousands of male and female prostitutes.

At Rome she was called Minervathe daughter of Jupiter.

The Roman "virgin" Minerva.
The Roman "virgin" Minerva.

This "virgin" was just as bellicose, warlike, and promiscuous as her father Zeus. She was served by thousands of male and female prostitutes and human sacrifices were offered at her temples.

Hillary in the White House is an essential part of the Fifth Marian Dogma!!

Hillary in the White House is a vital cog in the Rockefeller/Vatican scheme to force acceptance of that dogma worldwide:

For all nations (UN) have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury (Revelation 18:3).

Exalting a female goddess like Minerva leads to the exaltation of women into leadership over men and the complete RUIN of Christian civilization.

On 9/11, the official Hillary double was introduced. Hillary can run the White House vicariously through her double like she ruled the nation during the Presidency of cousin Bill.

Hillary Clinton Rockefeller
Hillary Clinton Rockefeller
(b. 1947 ?).

The official Hillary double was introduced on 9/11.

That date was so appropriate because Jay and Hillary Rockefeller engineered the 9/11 false flag operation.

If Hillary is placed in the White House, both Russia and the United States will have doppelganger Presidents.

The Hillary double.
The Hillary double.

Everything that is happening in the United States of Israel right now all happened before . . . in CHINA....It is incredible but both nations have so much in common. Both nations are located at the ends of the flat earth and China was on the verge of becoming a great Christian nation around 600 AD. China's population is over 1 billion souls and the U.S. was supposed to have a population of 1 billion by 2000.

The Chinese Christians were derisively called "Nestorians" but they were multiplying rapidly. Also at that time, the Chinese Empire was the wealthiest and most powerful nation on earth.

Empress Wu Zetain
Empress Wu Zetain (624–705).
Emperor from 690 until 705

Around 600 AD, China was about to become a great Christian Empire.

That was when Satan raised up a woman ruler named Wu Zetain.

From 674, Wicked Wu Zetain ruled as Dowager Empress and she became Emperor in 690.

From that time onward, she was JEZEBEL on steroids, as she began a ruthless persecution of Christianity and Confucianism.


A blank stele reminds the Chinese of
A blank stele reminds the Chinese of
the disastrous reign of Wu Zetain.

Empress Wu Zetain is buried in the Qianling Mausoleum, Qian County, in the Shaanxi province of China. The monument in front of her tomb is BLANK because she was an "indescribably wicked" woman. The veritable wicked witch of the EAST.

Empress Wu Zetain is the role model or exemplar for most of the female rulers that followed her. Not until the time of the blessed Reformation was Satan's kingdom threatened as in China, and that was the reason why he raised up a whole regiment of female rulers to block the triumph of the Gospel.

For the past 500 years, with very few exceptions, female rulers have been bitter persecutors of Christianity. The first female ruler to be crowned Queen of England was the daughter of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. Catherine was the niece of King Charles I of Spain.

Bloody Mary Tudor (1516–1558).
Bloody Mary Tudor (15161558).
Reigned from 1553 to 1558.

Bloody Mary Tudor earned that sobriquet because she had over 300 British Christians burned alive at the stake.

A bigoted devotee of Minerva, she was also married to King Philip II of Spain.

Mary of Hungary (sister of King Charles I of Spain) introduced the Inquisition into Holland and she had special hatred for Bible translator Saint William Tyndale and mapmaker Gerardus Mercator.


Mary of Hungary (1505–1558).
Mary of Hungary (
Ruler of the Netherlands from '31 to '55.

Mary was married to King Louis II of Hungary. When the Terrible Turks were on their way to conquer Germany in 1529, Louis put up token resistance and was killed in battle.

Mary became ruler of the Hapsburg Netherlands in 1531. She ruled the provinces with an iron fist until 1555. Thousands of Christians perished during her reign as she turned Holland into a veritable slaughterhouse. Mary was responsible for the arrest and execution of Saint William Tyndalethe "Father of the English Bible."

One man that really aroused her ire was mapmaker Gerardus Mercator. Mercator was trying to show the correct longitude and latitude on his maps and that was enough to get him burned alive at the stake:

Mercator's career very nearly came to an abrupt end in 1544, when he was imprisoned as a heretic by Regent Mary, Queen Dowager of Hungary. A fierce reactionary against the Protestant Reformation, Mary was violent when it came to the Anabaptists and their excesses. She thought all heretics should be exterminated, and so ordered it. A wholesale slaughter ensued, "care being taken that the provinces be not entirely depopulated." The imperial edict issued at Brussels condemned all heretics to death. Repentant males were executed by the sword; repentant females were buried alive; the obstinate of both sexes were burned at the stake. The charge: Lutheran heresy. Mercator was one of the forty-three condemned at Louvain, and was saved only by the intercession of his parish curate, a clever man and shrewd debater. Thereafter Mercator had nothing to do with political or religious controversies. (Brown, The Story of Maps, p. 159).

The Spanish were alarmed by Mercator's maps that showed the correct location of the New World. Maps at that time were TOP SECRET and every nation guarded them zealously.

Mercator was terrorized into submission by Mary and the Inquisition and all his subsequent maps are nothing but projections from the false globe.

The famous Armada portrait of Queen
Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603).
Reigned from 1558 to 1603).


Queen Elizabeth I (Shake-speare) succeeded Bloody Mary Tudor and ended the overt persecution of Christianity.

During her reign, the corrupt Latin Vulgate was translated into English.

Elizabeth coordinated the horrible Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre with Catherine de' Medici in France.

Catherine de' Medici
Catherine de' Medici (1519–1589).
ruler of France from '33 to '89.

Elizabeth also made sure that no British colony was established in the New World during her reign. Both women were totally controlled by the Jesuit generals in Rome. Her reign ended in disaster for Britannia when James Stuartson of Mary Queen of Scots and David Rizziobecame king as James I of England.

Queen Victoria (1819-1901).
Queen Victoria (1819–1901).
Reigned from 1837 to 1901.

Queen Victoria was the daughter of Sir John Conroy and Victoire of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld.

Known as the "Grandmother of Europe," her grandsons included WWI Kaiser Bill, Winston Churchill, and Adolf Hitler.

Contemporaneous with Queen Victoria, China was ruled by another femme fatale named Empress Tzu-hsi.



Empress Tzu-hsi (1835-1908).
Empress Tzu-hsi (1835–1908).
Reigned from 1861 to 1908.

Empress Tzu-hsi was the de facto ruler of China from 1861 until her death in 1908. The Empress presided over the Chinese St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre of Christians. In the West, the Massacre was called the Boxer Rebellion.

Empress Tzu-hsi did not dare take the title "Emperor of China" because the Chinese were thoroughly familiar with the previous reign of a female sovereign.

Today's perilous times were predicted by the great Hebrew Prophet Isaiah over 2600 years ago:

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them (Isaiah 3:12).

The Exodus from Egyptian bondage is a type of Armageddon or the end of the world. When the children of Israel were crossing the Red Sea, Pharaoh was in hot pursuit to exterminate the Chosen People. Just in time, JEHOVAH sent his mechanic-angels and they took off the wheels of their chariots in order to slow them down:

And it came to pass, that in the morning watch that JEHOVAH looked unto the host of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the cloud, and troubled the host of the Egyptians, and took off their chariot wheels, that they drove them heavily: so that the Egyptians said, "let us flee from the face of Israel; for JEHOVAH fighteth for them against the Egyptians" (Exodus:14:24-25).

In these last days . . . we cannot stop . . . but only slow down . . . the Rockefeller/Jesuit/Franciscan juggernaut . . . so all true U.S. of Israel Christians should become MECHANICS for CHRIST!!

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