The Jewish Messiah said:

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites (Gk. actors)! (Saint Matthew 23:13,14,15, 23, 25, 27, 29).

The English word HYPOCRITE comes from the Greek word HUPOKRITES which means an ACTOR or a STAGE-PLAYER!!

In June 1940, Peter Fleming—elder brother of James Bond creator Ian Fleming—wrote a fictional novel about a flying visit to Britain by Führer Adolf Hitler.

Hitler lands by parachute in the land of doubles after his plane is blown from the sky....The Third Reich Führer is very anxious to smoke the peace pipe with Chamberlain and Churchill, but he is mistaken for a professional actor, and the townspeople of Vanity Fair award him first prize for his Hitler impersonation!

That novel was the blueprint or script for the Rudolf Hess double who parachuted into Scotland in April 1941.

The Flying Visit
by Peter Fleming
was published in June 1940.

The Flying Visit by Peter Fleming was the blueprint for the Rudolph Hess double!!

While on a peace mission to England, the Führer's plane explodes over Oxfordshire, and he is the sole survivor, landing by parachute.

After getting lost in the land of doubles, Hitler ends up in Vanity Fair, where he is rapturously welcomed by the revelers!


Hitler won first prize impersonating
himself at Vanity Fair.

The crowd demands a speech but Fleming's "Hitler" does not speak English. He harangues them in German, and to his amazement they award him first prize (a pound of butter) for his Hitler impersonation!

The two-faced Winston Churchill solves the double dilemma by sending cousin Adolf back to Germany the following day via parachute!!

Shake-speare said that "all the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players." That statement is true. The actors may change, but Satan's script is always the same: deceive the whole world (Apocalypse 12:9).


A long tall "Trump" made a flying visit
to the troops in Afghanistan.

After his flying visit, a visibly shorter "Trump" arrived back from Afghanistan the following day!


The flying visit made the "President" noticeably
shorter in stature!!

A commanding presence is very important to the Commander in Chief, so after many more flying visits to Afghanistan he might end up looking like Tom Thumb!!

A Trump double visited the land of the doubles in June 2019.


The "Trump" family in London, June 2019.

The long tall Trump double arriving in London for a summit. Foremost on his agenda will be the annexation of the New Jerusalem to Gog and Magog!!


A long tall Trump double made a flying visit
to London on December 2, 2019.

Will the long tall Trump double be staying at the New Jerusalem embassy in the boondocks??

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