It is beyond belief that the Orthodox Russian Victory Day Parade has been cancelled to THE CATHOLIC-19 scamdemic!

The month prior to Victory Day was one of the most critical in world history. President Roosevelt was assassinated on April 12, and ex-Führer Adolf Hitler retired to Argentina!

The assassination of President Roosevelt left the door wide open for "Field Marshal" Bernard Montgomery to seize Berlin using the U.S. 82 Airborne Division.

Montgomery's failed Operation Market Garden was but a dress rehearsal for Winston Churchill's much more sinister Operation Eclipse.

A profile of the real Joseph Stalin
taken in 1911.

In the summer of 1929, the long tall Joseph Stalin never returned from his vacation in Sochi.

He was replaced by a far shorter double!!

A good name for that real "Ivan the Terrible" would be Ivan Anonymousky.

Ivan is Russian for John, and only Winston Churchill and top officials in the Third Reich knew his real name!


Nazi foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop
is smiling because he just signed a friendship
Pact with the pro-Nazi Stalin double!!

After losing millions of men in World War I, Germany was not ready to go on the warpath just 20 years later.

However, with a Britannia Inc., spy at the head of the Soviet Union, Hitler was convinced that his Third Reich could not possibly lose a war with Russia!

The Joseph Stalin double (d. 1953)

In 1929, a Stalin double or look-alike was installed as head of the Soviet Union.

The double was about 5" shorter than the real Stalin.

The Third Reich, with Hitler as Führer, began about that time.

The vast Nazi rearmament program was justified because "atheistic Soviet Communism" threatened to devour Catholic Europe!



Visions of Moscow. Hitler
the APE of Napollyon .

Like George Washington, Napollyon was a descendant of King Charles II. During his exile from 1651 to 1660, the future king had several mistresses, and they gave birth to several children....It is not by accident that Napollyon rose from obscurity and then millions blindly followed him to their doom!

Billionaire Averell Harriman was President Roosevelt's "special envoy" to Moscow. In reality, he was Winston Churchill's spy. He was also the father of Hillary Digby Churchill Clinton.

Churchill, the "Communist" double, and billionaire
Harriman conferring in Moscow, August 1942.

By August 1942, Churchill knew that his cousin Adolf could not win the war.

He ordered the Stalin double to delay the defeat of Hitler until the U.S. was close to Berlin!

Churchill, Roosevelt, the Stalin double, and
Averell Harriman at Yalta, February.1945.

Consequently, the Stalin double and the Stavka manipulated the timetables of the massive Russian offensives that finally pushed the Nazis back to Berlin by April 1945.

General Patton could have entered Berlin by the end of September 1944. However, his Third Army was deliberately deprived of gasoline by Churchill and "Field Marshal" Montgomery. The Battle for Berlin was not confined to the Nazi capital, because President Roosevelt was assassinated just as the 2 armies converged!

Amazingly, the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. approached Berlin around the same time....To the delight of Churchill that was enough to jump start the Cold War!

The Hebrew Prophet Micah, who predicted that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2), could have been referring specifically to the Great Patriotic War:

Do not trust in a brother; do not put your confidence in a friend; guard the doors of your mouth from her who lies in your embrace
(Micah 7:5).

During the New Jerusalem Civil War, many of the top generals were spies for the Confederacy, and the same dire situation prevailed in Russia during the Great Patriotic War.

During the Great Patriotic War the very top leadership of the Soviet Union were Nazi spies....One of the least known is Marshal Georgy Zhukov. Just after Zhukov visited Kursk, Marshal Rokossovsky was almost killed by a plane attack. Kursk was undoubtedly one of the greatest battles ever fought in the Old World.

Marshal Georgy Zhukov (1896 –1974)

was a confederate of the Stalin double.


Gettysburg was the defining battle in the New Jerusalem Civil War, and General George G. Meade was the commanding general.

Meade was a Catholic and a Confederate spy because he allowed the entire rebel army to escape after the battle!

The Battle of Kursk was the defining battle in the Great Patriotic War, and Marshal Rokossovsky was the architect of that victory!

Alarmingly, after Marshal Zhukov visited his HQ, he was almost killed by a Nazi air attack.


Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky

The greatest tank battle in the entire history of the world commenced on July 5, 1943, and Marshal Rokossovsky almost missed it:

German intelligence was good, too. Throughout May and June they had mounted heavy air attacks on Kursk itself, to disrupt Russian logistics and preparations. As for the Central Front headquarters, a combination of traffic analysis, probably, prisoner-of-war interrogation or maybe even a spy in town now gave the Germans a precision target. On the night of 3 July two planes came over. One dropped illuminating flares; the other scored a direct hit on the house. But Rokossovsky was not there. Why he was out of the house is uncertain. He says he went to the senior officers’ mess next door earlier than usual ‘for some reason or other’, and asked for decoded signals to be brought to him there, at about 23.00.59 There is a story that the ‘reason’ was to avoid his doctor, a woman medical officer, who was looking for him. (Bellamy, Absolute War, p. 327).

It seems that "Communism" could not prevent the Almighty from protecting Mother Russia....That operation was similar to the operation by Winston Churchill that almost killed Field Marshal Rommel.

Soviet troops raising the flag
Iconic photo of the Russians raising
the flag over the Reichstag.


On May 2, the Russians finally captured Satan's HQ and planted their flag over the Reichstag.

The Nazis officially surrendered to the Russians on May 9.

Amazingly, General Eisenhower never signed any Nazi surrender document!



Field Marshal Keitel signing the Nazi
surrender document in Berlin, May 9, 1945.

Field Marshal Zhukov insisted that the surrender signing be held in the former Nazi capital....Generals Eisenhower and Montgomery refused to attend.

The capture of Berlin cost the Russians horrendous casualties because Montgomery's Operation Eclipse planned on using the U.S. 82 Airborne Division to parachute into Berlin and seize the capital just before the Russians arrived!

Since 1965, May 9th has been a national holiday in Mother Russia, and people flocked to Moscow to see the massive Victory Day Parade. The Victory Day Parade is held to celebrate Nazi Germany's surrender to Russia, and the end of WWII in Europe.

The massive 2019 Victory Day
Parade in Moscow.

This year's Victory Day Parade in Moscow was to dwarf all former parades because it is the diamond jubilee of the victory over Nazi Germany.

Alarmingly, the Putin double cancelled the parade!


Thousands of Russians carrying portraits
of fallen heroes during the
Immortal Regiment march.

It is beyond belief that Orthodox Russia had to cancel her most important parade due to a Jesuit plandemic!

The Victory Day Parade always ended
with a massive fireworks display.

The real President Putin would never cancel a parade that honors the 27 million Russian casualties of the Great Patriotic War!.

Like the former "Rasputin," that doppelgänger is taking his orders from Berlin and London!


The doppelgänger Putin.
The Putin double cancelled the
Victory Day Parade.

Orthodox Russia was raised up by the Almighty for the specific purpose of saving the world from WICKED Western Europe....Mother Russia has always come back from disasters stronger than ever....Russia came roaring back after the invasion of Napoleon (Apollyon) Bonaparte in 1812. In 1870, Russia recovered from the disastrous Crimean War when her ships entered the Mediterranean once again.

Russia saved the world from the Prussian steamroller in 1914, and that was the reason for the Churchill sponsored Communist Revolution in 1917

Leonid Brezhnev (1906–1992).
Ruler of the Soviet Union from '62 to '82.

In 1965, Leonid Brezhnev declared May 9th a national holiday, and a Victory Day Parade was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany.

Brezhnev was ruler of the Soviet Union on June 6, 1967, when Operation 666 was supposed to turn his vast country into a parking lot!

In 1995, Boris Yeltsin held a military parade to celebrate the golden jubilee of the victory over Nazi Germany.


Boris Yeltsin (19312007).
President of Russia from '91 to '99.

Russia has always miraculously recovered from the worst possible disasters....The Fall of the Soviet Union was one such disaster. Vladimir Putin was chosen by the Almighty to bring Russia back from the abyss.

The official President Putin
President Putin (1952–2014).

Ruler of Russia from 2000 to 2014.
Vladimir Putin succeeded Boris Yeltsin as President of Russia, and he was faced with a calamitous situation.

Beginning right after the Fall of the Soviet Union, Russia was looted by the Kosher Nostra.

The patriotic President made many, many powerful enemies fighting the looters, but he did succeed in stabilizing the Russian economy.


Kosher Nostra Boris Berezonvsky

President Putin had a titanic task to perform, but he succeeded remarkably in restoring economic stability after the tumultuous transition from communism to capitalism.

President Putin speaking to the Intl.
Olympic Committee. Feb. 2012.

In Feb. 2012, the real President Putin appealed to the Intl. Olympic Committee to make Sochi the venue for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The last photos of the real President Putin were taken at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The real president Putin was assassinated in March, 2014.

President Putin inspecting the Sochi
Winter Olympics facilities, Jan. 2014.

President Putin was assassinated right after Russia liberated Crimea, and that strategic peninsula became part of Russia once again.

General Patton's Third Army was ready to end the Third Reich by September 1944

General Patton could have ended WWII in Europe by the end of September 1944. At that time the Russians were still 500 miles (800 km) from Berlin, and there was no possibility of a clash between the 2 victorious armies.

General George S. Patton Jr.
Dec. 21, 1945).

Against vehement opposition from Churchill and Montgomery, the D-Day landings took place on June 6, 1944.

By the end of June Rommel's Atlantic Wall had been breached and a beachhead established, so General Patton arrived from England to take command of the Third Army.

Patton's nickname was "Old Blood and Guts," and by August 1 he was ready to roll over the Third Reich.

Generals Brooke, Bradley, and Montgomery,
greet Patton upon his arrival in France,
July 7, 1944.

Patton knew that his New World citizen soldiers were the best in the world, and given logistical support they would be in Berlin in a matter of weeks. He was the master of blitzkrieg or lighting war, and no soldier in the Third Army would ever think about surrendering to the enemy.

General Patton was one of the few U.S. generals that the Nazis feared because the rest were secret allies of Churchill and Hitler!

Third Army soldiers crossing the
Moselle River, Sept. 8, 1944.

By September 1944, Patton was in eastern France, close to the border with Nazi Germany, and he knew that he would soon be planting the Stars and Stripes on the Reichstag!

Churchill and Montgomery were alarmed at his rapid advance, and Hitler could see the handwriting on the wall from Berlin.

It was at that critical juncture that Churchill promoted "Monty"—the best soldier that Hitler ever had—to the position of field marshal!


"Field Marshal" Bernard Montgomery (18871976) was Dunkirked in 1940.

That was the same General Montgomery who was Dunkirked in 1940, and evacuated quickly when the Nazis invaded France!

Operation Market Garden was designed to bring General Patton's Third Army to a complete halt. Additionally it was designed to sow confusion among the U.S. generals and reverse the battlefield losses of the Nazis.

Operation Pluto pipelines under construction.

All General Patton needed to get to Berlin was GASOLINE.

Operation Pluto (Pipe-Lines-Under the Ocean) was built for that express purpose.

However, Churchill and Montgomery ordered the pipelines sabotaged, and General Patton was denied gasoline just as he was about to enter Nazi Germany!!
Location of Operation Pluto pipelines.

That was the most diabolical double-cross of one of the greatest generals in the entire history of the world.....Patton was left stranded in the Lorraine region, besieging Fortress Metz. He did rescue the U.S. from disaster at the Battle of Bulge, and he was determined that Montgomery would not get to Berlin first.

If General Patton had entered Berlin in September 1944, he would have made sure that Germany would never rise again to threaten the peace of the world! He would also have made a great President when he returned to the New Jerusalem.

Churchill and Montgomery were able to delay General Patton until the Russians arrived in Berlin. That was how the diabolical duo connived to jumpstart the Cold War!

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