The legend about St. Peter being in Roma was started by Emperor Jesus Constantine when he changed Romulus and Remus to Saints Peter and Paul!

Statue of Saint Paul in
St. Peter's Square.

Satan's battle to keep Saint Paul from reaching Roma was as intense as the Great Siege of Malta.

Saint Paul was uniquely qualified to plant true Christianity in Roma because he was a Roman citizen, and he arrived in Roma on a ship named after the twins Castor and Pollux.

Additionally, Saint Paul wrote the Epistle to the Romans, and he greeted all the important saints in that city . . . except St. Peter.


Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls marks
the very spot where St. Paul was beheaded.

Saint Paul has been kept outside the thick walls of Vatican City State because they refuse to acknowledge that Petrine Primacy is just show biz or a stage prop!

The Great Apostle Paul was beheaded by order of Emperor Nero, who blamed the Christians for the Great Fire of Roma in 68 AD. Nobody knows what happened to his body, and he might have been assumed into heaven immediately after his martyrdom.

The 16th century was one of the most momentous in world history. In 1517, the blessed Reformation began with Saint Marin Luther. In 1527, King Henry VIII divorced Roma permanently; the deadly Gunpowder Plot almost succeeded in 1605, and in 1620 the Pilgrim Fathers established Israel in the New World Wilderness!

Pope Paul I (700767).
Pope from 757 to 767.

Alarmingly, Pope Paul I has been canonized as "Saint Paul I."

The pontificate of Paul I was preceded by a momentous historical event, namely the Donation of King Pepin of the Franks.

Prior to that time, all of the Popes were subject to the Exarch of Ravenna, who was appointed by the Emperor in Constantinople.

That situation was galling to the Papacy because they wanted complete independence from Constantinople.



Pope Stephen II (714-767).
Pope from 752 to 757.

One of the greatest pious frauds in history happened in 755 when King Pepin of the Franks received an airmail letter from St. Peter, commanding him to expel the Lombards from Italy, and hand over their territory to the pontiffs.

Monks writing the missive from St. Peter up in heaven.
Benedictine monks forging the missive
from "St. Peter" up in heaven.

It is beyond belief, but Roma became a monarchy once again, in 755, with the infamous airmail letter from "St. Peter" to King Pepin of the Franks, commanding him to save Roma from the Lombards!!

That was the second beginning of the 1260 years of Papal supremacy!

King Pepin was astonished that St. Peter even knew about him!!
King Pepin was astonished that "St. Peter"
even knew about him!!

That dire event led to the birth of the Papal Sates with the the pontiffs were no longer subject to the civil power.

Pope Paul III (14681549).
Pope from 1534 to 1549.

In 1540, Pope Paul III officially recognized the Society of Jesus, with Ignatius Loyola as the first general or "Black Pope."

Like the White Pope, the Black Pope is elected for life!

In 1542, that pontiff reestablished the defunct Inquisition, and called it the "Holy Office."

In 1545, he convened the Counter-Reformation Council of Trent, which condemned every translation of the Bible except for the Latin Vulgate!


Pope Paul III "blessing"
Ignatius Loyola.

Pope Paul III's reign was the newly-revived Inquisition on steroids....The "Holy Office" became the terror of Europe, exceeded only by the Spanish Inquisition, whose long tentacles reached all the way to the New World...

Pope Paul IV (1476–1559).
Pope from 1555 to 1559.

Pope Paul IV replaced the scandal-ridden Pope Julius III, and the short-lived Pope Marcellus II.

That pontiff worked closely with Cardinal Reginald Pole in Britain.

He fully expected that the clock would be turned back to the dark days before the reign of King Henry VIII.



"Bloody Mary" Tudor
Misruled from 1553 to 1558.

The next pontiff was the infamous Paul V, who blessed Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. November 5 was widely celebrated in British North America as "Pope Day." George Washington banned Pope Day!

Pope Paul V (1550–1621).
Pope from May 1605 to 1621.

In 1605, Jesuit general Claudio Aquaviva needed a pontiff who would "bless" Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.

On March 3, 1605, Pope Clement VIII was sent to St. Peter and replaced by Pope Leo XI.

On April 27, 1605, Pope Leo was also sent to St. Peter.

Finally, the Jesuit general had a compliant Pope when Paul V became pontiff on May 16, 1605.

Guy Fawkes (1570–1606).

Had the Gunpowder Plot succeeded, the country would never have reverted to Catholicism, so that left only one other option: ISLAM....Sultana Elizabeth I had prepared the country for that possibility by establishing alliances with the Terrible Turks and the Sultan of Morocco. For Christians, an Islamic regime would have meant beheading . . . instead of burning alive at the stake!

Pope Paul VI (1897–1978).
Pope from June 1963 to 1978.


In June 1963, "jovial," Pope John XXIII was sent to St. Peter because his work in helping to elect John F. Kennedy was completed!

He was replaced by the sinister, austere, Giovanni Battista Enrico Montini, who took the name Pope Paul VI to identify him with the Gunpowder Plot Pope Paul V.

The death and selection of the new Pope all happened within the month of June because speed was essential to the plotters.

Pope John XXIII.
"Jovial" John XXIII.
Pope from Oct. '58 to June '63.

The previous August, Jackie Kennedy met with the then Cardinal Montini and Jesuit general Janssens. That was the very same month that Marilyn Monroe was murdered in Los Angeles.

Jackie and Gianni along the
Amalfi Coast in August 1962.

Jackie Kennedy spent the month of August 1962 in Italy as a guest of Gianni Agnelli.

While there she coordinated the upcoming assassination with Jesuit general Jean Baptiste Janssens, and Cardinal Montini.

Amazingly, President Kennedy visited the new pontiff at the Vatican just 5 months before his assassination!

President Kennedy and the new Pope
Paul VI at the
Vatican, July 3, 1963.

The assassination of President Kennedy required the cooperation of the top people in the government, plus the "blessing" of the Roman Catholic hierarchy.

This frame of the Zapgruder film shows the President's head exploding.
This frame of the Zapgruder film shows
the President's head exploding.

Roy Killerman's bullet entered the President's throat.

Only one person was ideally situated to blow a big hole in the left side of the President's head.

That person was his wife Jackie.

The limo sped to the tunnel ahead, and Clint Hill fired the third shot into the President's head.


The Pink Panther leaped to her feet and
Clint Hill joined her in the back seat.

The British Secret Service planned every facet of the assassination meticulously . . . even Jackie's hairstyle and the color of her dress. But they could not control human nature.

Officer Maurice McDonald

When the police entered the theater, they expected Oleg to bolt for the exit. Then they would have cut him down in a hail of bullets!!

He remained calmly seated when officer McDonald approached him with a gun.

Just as McDonald was about to fire, Oleg grabbed the gun . . . and it misfired!!



The unarmed Oleg was dragged from the theater shouting "police brutality."

At that point the conspiracy began to unravel because Oleg was still alive and could deny the fact that he killed the President. A "Kosher Nostra" hitman Jack Rubenstein was ordered to silence Oleg because "dead men tell no tales."

Pope Paul VI was the last Paul in the nightmarish Papal dynasty. The best way to rescue Catholics . . . and Muslims . . . from the Babylonian system is to present a true history of the Papal dynasty:

Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul: be not cut off in her iniquity, for it is the time of JEHOVAH's vengeance; he will render unto her a recompense (Jeremiah 51:6).

And I heard another voice from heaven saying, "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues" (Apocalypse 18:4).

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