I was born in Papal Ireland on December 22, 1948. That was during the sinister rule of British spy Eamon de Valera.

Because I was born so close to December 25— the Latin Church date for Christmas—my parents gave me the Papal Irish name NOEL which is a very common boy's name in Ireland.

I was determined to change the name when I finished the Reformation Online and it looks like I am getting to the bottom of the strong conspiracy. (II Samuel 15:12).

Instead, I am adopting the pen name Patrick Scrivener for all my writings.

Patrick Scrivener
Patrick Scrivener
(b. 1948).

Patrick Scrivener is the pen name or nom de plume of Noel Kilkenny, originally from County Galway, Ireland.

I was born in the British Empire "Republic" of √Čire in 1948, but I was born again in the United States of Israel in 1973.

I am smiling because I expect that the British and the Papal monarhies will soon be gone with th

Patrick Scrivener.
Patrick Scrivener

(born again in 1974).

All over clerical Ireland, dozens of "schools" existed called reformatories, run by the Latin Church clergy called "Christian Brothers." These Jesuit run "schools" required a steady supply of young inmates, so Papal judges cooperated very closely with the Irish Department of Education to ensure a steady supply of young victims to the Gulags.

In 1960, I was sentenced to 4 years in the reformatory or Gulag. The Gulag was run like a military academy, with iron discipline, and barracks for bedrooms. School was compulsory in Papal Ireland only up to the age of 14.

Instead of learning a useful second language like French or Spanish, we were forced to learn a useless dead language called Irish Gaelic. The language was not that difficult to learn because it used the letters of the English alphabet!!

The Irish Gulag in Salthill where I was
The Irish Gulag in Salthill where
I was imprisoned for 4 years.

The Gulag was run by "Christian Brothers" founded by a Jesuit named Edmund Ignatius Rice in 1820.

Rice was just one of a multitude of banned Jesuits who were "resurrected" by Pope Pius VII.

These hybrids were not priests but still were forbidden to marry.

Photo of me as an inmate
Photo of me as an inmate
in the Gulag circa 1960.

Certain boys who showed academic aptitude were allowed out to attend the local technical school. I was one of the "chosen few" and I attended the technical school for 2 years. At 16, the boys who were not chosen were sent out into the cold cruel world without any skills whatsoever.

Galway Technical School today.
Galway Technical School today.

Electrical theory and practice was my favorite subject at Galway Technical School.

During my incarceration in the Gulag, construction of a massive stone cathedral dedicated to Minerva Assumed into Heaven was underway at the site of a former jail.

Massive stone cathedral of Minerva in Galway City.
Massive stone cathedral of Minerva in Galway City.

My favorite subject was magnetism and electricity and that is why I am always fascinated by the the career of the great inventor Nikola Tesla. All the boys lived in barracks like soldiers, with no privacy, so I just counted the days until I was 16 and freedom.

I was never physically abused by the Jesuit "Christian Brothers" but I was spiritually abused every single day because daily attendance at the mass was mandatory!!

In 1966, I managed to escape from the clerical "Republic" and I found a job in London as a waiter. I remember arriving in London very specifically because World Cup fever was raging in Britain.

I never even saw a Bible in Papal Ireland but I knew enough to stay away from the Irish bars and save my money.

I worked very hard, and by 1967 I had saved enough to visit relatives in New York. I took a 3 week vacation from my job and flew to New York in July 1967.

My relatives rented a mobile home and we all went north to visit Montreal and Expo67.

Expo67 in Montreal.
Expo67 in Montreal.

I had a great time at Expo67.

Incredibly, James Earl Ray—the man who was accused of shooting Martin Luther King—was undergoing brainwashing there at the same time.

It's a small non-rotating world after all!!

The Allen Memorial Institute
The Allen Memorial Institute
in Montreal.

James Earl Ray was at the "Sleep House" in Montreal at the same time that I was at Expo67. Ray was brainwashed by Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron, and then sent south to be the fall guy or "patsy" for the upcoming MI6/CIA assassination of Martin Luther King:

The day Jimmy entered Montreal for this job, he found a city alive with Expo '67, the Canadian Centennial. Over eight hundred new exhibitors had built buildings for it. The very educated early computer geek Benny Edmondson, who had also escaped Jeff City, was "coincidentally" working at Expo '67 under the alias "Alex Bormann." Edmondson/Bormann had also stayed in Chicago for a while, like James did.(Ray, Truth At Last, p. 84).

After my vacation in the New World, I just knew that I had to emigrate to the United States. Because of the Vietnam War, a lot of youths were actually looking to leave. I was not concerned about that because I already had 4 years in a military like setting.

I had my Damascus Road experience in 1973

I emigrated to the "land of the free" in October 1968. The winters in New York are much colder than in London so I got very sick during the first winter. I went to the hospital and they took X-rays and discovered that I was suffering from a duodenal ulcer.

After 6 months in the U.S. I had to register for the draft, and even though I was not a citizen I could have been drafted and shipped to Vietnam. I already had 4 years experience of military life so I was really ambivalent about the military environment. I told the army recruiter that I had an ulcer, so he classified me as IY, which was a medical exemption. I never considered the ulcer a major disability . . . but the Pentagon thought otherwise.

If I had emigrated at the time of the Civil War, I would have been the first to join general George Armstrong Custer's Brigade.

In April 1973 I began attending a Pentecostal Church in New York. That was when I converted to Christ or had my Damascus Road experience. Unfortunately, I did not learn the correct name of the Messiah until 2010.

I was baptized in water shortly thereafter. In 1974 I got married, and before I knew it I was blessed with 3 beautiful children.

The Pentecostal Church was supposed to be a "Protestant" Church, but the Pentecostal Movement, with their speaking in tongues, has a lot in common with voodoo. They also stubbornly hold to the Jesuit "Left Behind Madness " or rapture doctrine.

I became a U.S. citizen in 1976, which was one of the proudest days of my life.

Living in the British Empire state; and attending a Pentecostal Church, I could make no spiritual progress whatsoever, so in 1982 I packed up and moved to Dallas, Texas, with my wife and 3 children.

Thanks to President Lincoln saving the Union, we didn't have to get passports to move to Texas.

Christ for the Nations in
Christ for the Nations in
Dallas, Texas.

I attended Christ for the Nations Bible Institute in Dallas, Texas, from 1982 to 1984.

The school is ecumenical but I learned all about the suppressed books of Avro Manhattan and ex-priest Charles Chiniquy and his 19th century bestseller entitled Fifty Years in the Church of Rome.


My graduation photo from
My graduation photo from
Christ for the Nations.

With 3 children to support, I did not have much time for extra curricular activities but I did learn all about the Vatican's Trojan Horse ecumenical strategy and the suppressed works of Avro Manhattan and Charles Chiniquy.

When I graduated from the Institute, I went to work for a big electrical contractor in Dallas. Due to the manipulation of the oil prices, the Texas economy collapsed in 1986, so I was forced to return to New York.

One thing I did learn in Texas was how to say howdy and y'all.

Since 1996, I have been working on the Reformation Online and it looks like I am getting to the bottom of the strong conspiracy at last (II Samuel 15:12).

2 things always intrigued me from the beginning: the origin of the New World maps, and who was really behind the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln.

My 2 favorite verses from the Book of Isaiah are:

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of JEHOVAH, and their righteousness is of me, saith JEHOVAH (Isaiah 54:17).

So shall they fear the name of JEHOVAH from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of JEHOVAH shall lift up a standard against him (Isaiah 59:19).


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I am currently retired and living in Reston, Virginia.

My mailing address is: P.O. Box 3333, Reston, Virginia, 20195.

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Ray, John Larry & Barsten, Lyndon. Truth At Last: The Untold Story of the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. The Lyons Press. Guilford, Connecticut, 2008.

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