In 1664, New Amsterdam became New York, or Babylon the Great, when it was wrestled from the Dutch by James, Duke of York.

The real Donald J. Trump and father Fred in 1974.

The real Donald had absolutely no interest in politics, and he refused to run for mayor of Babylon the Great.

Only a war hero like General Grant, or Dwight D. Eisenhower, can expect to be President without holding some kind of public office.



A profile of the real Donald J. Trump in 1974.

Even General Jackson—the New Jerusalem David—served as a Congressman and a Senator before running for the Presidency in 1828.

The fatal helicopter crash occurred in broad daylight around 1:40 p.m. A lone camper on the ground heard a "big bang" overheard, and as he looked skyward he saw the helicopter break apart in midair!

The remains of Donald J. Trump
carried by New Jersey state police.

The helicopter with the 2 pilots, 3 executives, and Donald J. Trump crashed while approaching Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The crash attracted extensive media attention but no mention was made of the dead Donald.


The remains of a casino executive
carried from the crash site!

Shake-speare was right when she said "all the world's a stage; and all the men and women merely players." The Greek word for actor is HYPOCRITE, which means phony or two-faced.

The Apprentice is a reality TV show that judges the business skills of a group of contestants. The losers are fired, and the final winner becomes an apprentice billionaire.

Donald double was the star
of the reality TV
show called The Apprentice.

The Apprentice premiered in 2004 and was set in Babylon the Great.

The winner became an apprentice billionaire!

The show's producer is a Britannia Inc., Secret Service agent named Mark Burnett.

"You're fired." The Donald double firing a
contestant on The Apprentice.

WrestleMania 23 was held at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan, on April 1, 2007. In professional wrestling the winner is picked beforehand. Of course, the loser must make a pretense of winning....Several 20th century Presidential elections have followed the same script.

Acting skills, not physical dexterity, are the prime requisites for a good professional wrestler.

The Donald double and Vince McMahon
on WrestleMania.

WrestleMania 23 was billed as the Battle of the Billionaires.

In professional wrestling, the fix is in before the game begins!

The script called for the Donald double to keep his coiffure, while Vince McMahon's head was shaved!!


The Donald double shaving the head
of Vince McMahon on WrestleMania.

Hillary Digby Churchill Clinton was supposed to win the 2016 Presidential election. However, somebody failed to follow the script, and the Trump double was elected instead.

The inauguration of the
double in 2017.

Hillary Digby Churchill Clinton supporters are going "nuts" because the Donald double did not follow the script and lose the 2016 election.

With Hillary in the White House it would be "Bloody Mary" Tudor time again!


The Donald double in 2020.

That unscripted election means that the 3 Days of Darkness have been postponed . . . but not cancelled!

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