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The Jesuits Control the Pentagon!!

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The Pentagon is making the world SAFE for Wahhabi Islam!!
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Question: What is wrong with this picture??

The giant Pentagon standing army headquarters in Washington City!!

The giant Pentagon standing army headquarters in Washington City!!

Answer: The United States was founded because of objections to the presence of a British standing army in Boston!!

A standing army may be OK in a monarchy or dictatorship, but the last place it belongs is in a freedom-loving REPUBLIC like the United States.

In the U.S. schools, the children are taught that the colonists separated from Great Britain because of objections to taxation without representation. That is only half the truth, and half the truth is worse that an outright lie....It was the reason for the taxes that was most objectionable to the colonists . . . namely to support a STANDING ARMY in peacetime.

This is exactly what is happening in the U.S. today with a Pentagon budget of over 500 BILLION DOLLARS paid for by the taxpayers!!

The 7 Years' War or French and Indian War ended in 1763.... In 1768, 2 regiments of British soldiers under general Gage landed in Boston harbor, and this was the real commencement of the War of Independence:

Within a few days after their separation, the troops arrived from Halifax. This was indeed a painful sera. The American war may be dated from the hostile parade of this day; a day which marks with infamy the councils of Britain. At this period, the inhabitants of the colonies almost universally breathed an unshaken loyalty to the king of England, and the strongest attachment to a country whence they derived their origin. Thus was the astonishment of the whole province excited, when to the grief and consternation of the town of Boston several regiments were landed, and marched sword in hand through the principal streets of their city, then in profound peace. (Warren, History of the Rise, Progress and Termination of the American Revolution, p.38).

At the end of the 7 Years' War, Great Britain was the most powerful nation in the world. This excited the enmity of Spain and France, and plans were prepared to separate the New World colonies from the mother country.

Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1814), was a War of Independence historian.


To maintain a standing army in peacetime, and then expect the colonists to PAY for it, was more than any freedom-loving people could bear.

It was a sure recipe to drive the colonists to separate from the mother country.



General Thomas Gage (1719-1789), commanded the British standing army in Boston.

It is easy for armchair historians to write about historical events hundreds of years after they happen, but Mercy Otis Warren was THERE in Boston during these momentous times, and was personally acquainted with all the leaders of the Revolution.

The Boston massacre occurred in 1770 when a British standing army fired on colonists.

Because of the stationing of a standing army in Boston, Great Britain ignited a conflict which cost her the best land in the world.

The Boston Tea Party of 1773 was a protest against British policy in her New World colonies.

Here is a quote from her eye-opening book:

A standing army thus placed in their capital, their commerce fettered, their characters traduced, their representative body prevented meeting, the united petitions of all ranks that they might be convened at this critical conjuncture rejected by the governor; and still threatened with a further augmentation of troops to enforce measures in every view repugnant to the principles of the British constitution; little hope remained of a peaceful accommodation.
The most rational arguments had been urged by the legislative assemblies, by corporate bodies, associations, and individual characters of eminence, to shake the arbitrary system that augured evils to both countries. But their addresses were disdainfully rejected; the king and the court of Great Britain appeared equally deaf to the cry of millions, who only asked a restoration of their rights. At the same time every worthless incendiary, who, taking advantage of these miserable times, crossed the Atlantic with a tale of accusation against his country, was listened to with attention, and rewarded with some token of royal favor. (Warren, History of the Rise, Progress and Termination of the American Revolution. p. 39)

Here is another quote from her eye-opening book:

The experience of all ages, and the observations both of the historian and the philosopher agree, that a standing army is the most ready engine in the hand of despotism, to debase the powers of the human mind, and eradicate the manly spirit of freedom. The people have certainly every thing to fear from a government, when the springs of its authority are fortified only by a standing military force. Wherever an army is established, it introduces a revolution in manners, corrupts the morals, propagates every species of vice, and degrades the human character. Threatened with the immediate introduction of this dread calamity, deprived by the dissolution of their legislature of all power to make any legal opposition; neglected by their sovereign, and insulted by the governor he had set over them, much the largest part of the community was convinced, that they had no resource but in the strength of their virtues, the energy of their resolutions, and the justice of their cause. (Warren, History of the Rise, Progress and Termination of the American Revolution.p. 36).

Here is a quote by a GREAT Briton, written in the year 1697, about the menace of STANDING ARMIES to the liberties of the people:

This subject is so self-evident, that I am almost ashamed to prove it: for if we look through the world, we shall find in no country, liberty and an army stand together; so that to know whether a people are free or slaves, it is necessary only to ask, whether there is an army kept amongst them? (John Trenchard).

And another quote about the menace of standing armies within the seat of government:

...and I hope I shall make it appear, that no nation ever preserved its liberty, that maintained an army otherwise constituted within the seat of their government: and let us flatter ourselves as much as we please, what happened yesterday, will come to pass again; and the same causes will produce like effects in all ages. (John Trenchard).

Admiral Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is the head man at the Pentagon under the Jesuit general.

Admiral Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is the head man at the Pentagon under the Jesuit general.

The Pentagon is located in Arlington, VIRGINIA.

Queen Elizabeth I or VIRGINIA refused to maintain a standing army even though she was surrounded by powerful enemies.

She trusted in God to protect her, and the world witnessed a stupendous MIRACLE with the destruction of the "Invincible" Armada in 1588!!

Jesuit general Adolfo Nicolás

Jesuit general Adolfo Nicolás runs the Vatican and the Pentagon behind the scenes.

Since the beginning of Vatican Council II or the ECUMENICAL MOVEMENT in 1962, the Jesuits have controlled the Pentagon from behind the scenes. They are waging war with weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION against the enemies of their general . . . as well as former friends and allies of the United States....This is an old Jesuit trick of using an enemy to destroy and enemy!!

This situation is all déjà vu because today's events all happened before when the Jesuits were able to create a standing army in Great Britain and use that army . . . and navy . . . to wage war on their closest ally and friend—heroic Holland!!

The ecumenical movement in Great Britain

In 1603, the gracious Queen Elizabeth I died unexpectedly of the effects of poisoning....Her reign was like walking on a tightrope or through a minefield because she was determined to return England . . . and Ireland . . . to CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC Christianity.

Elizabeth was resolved to stop the impoverishment of the kingdoms of England and Ireland by preventing the sending of huge sums of money to Rome for "Peter's Pence, First Fruits, Pardons, Appeals, Dispensations, Palls and other such like."

Here is an excerpt of a letter from Elizabeth to the Roman bishops who DEMANDED that she recognize their religion:

"Neither is there any cause why she should grant them, seeing England embraceth no new or strange Doctrine, but the same which Christ hath commanded, the Primitive and Catholick Church hath received, and the ancient Fathers have with one voice and mind approved." (Camden, History of the Most Renowned and Victorious Princess Elizabeth, p. 36).

As well as restoring the true Gospel to England and Ireland, Elizabeth was determined to follow up on the discoveries of John Cabot by planting a colony in Virginia. At that time, Virginia encompassed ALL of the northern part of the New World.

Her zeal for the Truth, and her desire to colonize the New World, were the main reasons why the "Invincible" Armada was launched against her in 1588.

The peace loving Elizabeth did her utmost to keep her nation at peace and did not maintain a standing army . . . or navy . . . even though she was surrounded by powerful enemies.

Elizabeth was succeeded by James VI of Scotland and Jesuit tactics changed completely with his ascension. Invasion from the outside was abandoned in favor of the Trojan horse ecumenical strategy.

King James I (1567-1625).

King James I (1567-1625).
King of Great Britain from 1603 to 1625.


King James VI of Scotland became King James I of England immediately after the death of Queen Elizabeth.

King James signed a peace treaty with England's deadly enemy Spain.

During his reign, the Jesuits were slyly building a standing army.


King Charles I (1600-1649).

King Charles I (1600-1649).
King from 1625 to 1649.

His son, Charles I, was beheaded by Cromwell's standing army in 1649 as a warning to subsequent kings to obey the Jesuits . . . or suffer the same fate!!

In 1604, the Treaty of London was signed ending the 45 year war between the two countries. England was allowed to trade in the Spanish held European territories but the New World was strictly off limits. Of course the Spanish war of extermination with heroic Holland continued to rage as fiercely as ever.

James even tried to marry his son Charles to the Infanta Maria of Spain. That marriage attempt failed and he married a French princess instead.

Jesuit standing army made war on England, Scotland, Ireland, and heroic Holland!!

Thanks to their new ecumenical strategy, the Jesuit standing army was well established by 1640. England fought a series of 3 Civil Wars: (1642-1646), (1648-1649), (1649-1651). The Parliamentarians were called Roundheads, and the Royalists were called Cavaliers. The Jesuits manipulated and controlled BOTH sides.

The Roundheads, led by Oliver Cromwell, executed King Charles I in 1649. Then Cromwell invaded Ireland in September 1649, with a small army of about 12,000 men. The Jesuit papal nuncio, Giovanni Battista Rinuccini, had just left the country after advising the Irish not to resist Cromwell. The Jesuits desperately needed "martyrs" after all their horrible atrocities in France, Holland, and Germany.

Here are just 3 leaders of the Jesuit standing army . . . and navy:

"Lord Protector" Oliver Cromwell.

"Lord Protector" Oliver Cromwell.

General at Sea George Monck.

General at Sea George Monck.

General at Sea Robert Blake.

General at Sea Robert Blake.

The Jesuits managed to demonize the Dutch in England by engineering the 1623 Amboyna "massacre" in which the Dutch were supposed to have massacred 20 Englishmen in the Far East.... It was used to great effect for propaganda purposes by the Jesuits to sell their war of aggression against heroic Holland. We see this technique used by them time after time in the succeeding centuries.

Heroic admiral Maarten Tromp.

Heroic admiral Maarten Tromp.


After fighting the fanatical Spaniards for 80 years, the Dutch now found themselves at war with their closest ally.

Heroic admiral Maarten Tromp was killed by an English sharpshooter at the battle of Dungeness in 1653.

The battle of Leghorn was fought on March 4, 1653.

The battle of Leghorn was fought on March 4, 1653.

These wars with heroic Holland were a direct result of the perfidious ecumenical movement in Great Britain.

The ecumenical movement in the United States!!

With the sudden death by poisoning of imperious Pope Pius XII in 1958, the Jesuits launched their ecumenical movement in the United States . . . and selected countries around the world.

Eugenio Pacelli (1876-1958).

Eugenio Pacelli (1876-1958).
White Pope from 1939 to 1958.


Fanatical Fatima crusader Pope Pius XII declared war to the death with all of Rome's enemies.

He would never accept the ecumenical movement so he had a timely demise.

Pope John XXIII replaced him and launched Vatican Council II.

"Good Pope" John XXIII

"Good Pope" John XXIII
(White Pope from 1958 to 1963).

Under orders from general Pedro Arrupe, Pope John XXIII inaugurated the Trojan horse ecumenical movement or Vatican Council II.

The Latin Mass was dumped along with the dogma: there is no salvation outside the Church of Rome....All religions were now going to get you to Heaven as long as you were sincere.

Under the teachings of Vatican II, sincere Communists, "Jews", Buddhists, Hindus, Moslems, atheists etc., etc. were all going to Heaven . . . as long as they were SINCERE!!

Among the multiplicity of "changes" brought about by Vatican II was the teaching that Protestants were no longer "heretics" but SEPARATED BRETHERN!!

Hundreds of monasteries were closed down and the monks were told to join the U.S. government and military....In like manner, nunneries were closed and the nuns were ordered to join the public school system as "teachers". This was in spite of the fact that the public school system is utterly condemned by the Syllabus of Errors!!

Like King Charles I, President Kennedy was publicly executed as a warning to subsequent Presidents to obey the Jesuits . . . or suffer the same fate!!

Soon the effects of all the "changes" of Vatican II were readily apparent in the foreign policy of the U.S. as the country began to viciously attack old friends and close allies.

Serbia was the first victim of the new ecumenical strategy!!

Before 1999, Serbia and the U.S. were close friends and allies....A super Serb named Nikola Tesla actually ELECTRIFIED the United States . . . and the entire world . . . with his 3 phase alternating current electrical system.

The heroic little nation of Serbia was the first victim of this Trojan horse strategy. Serbia was one of the best friends of the U.S. during World War II. As a matter of fact, Serbia saved the world from Adolf Hitler by postponing his invasion of Russia by 5 weeks.

In the spring of 1941, Hitler was ready to invade the Soviet Union with the largest invasion force in the history of the world. This invasion force was supplied with oil by the Rockefeller owned Standard Oil Co., and trucks by the Ford Motor Co.

The Serbs forced a postponement of the invasion by up to 5 weeks. This delay was fatal for Hitler and changed the course of World War II.

Hitler bombed Belgrade in 1941.

Hitler bombed Belgrade in 1941.


Hitler was FURIOUS when Yugoslavia came in on the side of the allies.

He immediately ordered the bombing and invasion of that gallant country.

Thanks to the ecumenical movement, the Pentagon followed in the footsteps of Hitler in 1999.

The Pentagon bombed Belgrade in 1999.

The Pentagon bombed Belgrade in 1999.

In 1999, the Pentagon began a brutal air campaign against Yugoslavia entitled Operation Allied Force (FARCE) which lasted from March 24 to June 10. Of course the Serbs were demonized by the Pentagon controlled press and they were accused of committing horrible atrocities against the Kosovo Albanians.

Civilians massacred by Pentagon.

Civilians massacred by Pentagon.

Most of the victims in the brutal air attacks were civilians.

Most of the victims in the brutal air attacks were civilians.

More civilians massacred by the Pentagon.

More civilians massacred by the Pentagon.

Operation Allied Farce killed everything that moved on the ground in Serbia but most of the victims were women and children:

Eleven month old baby girl Bojana Vasovic murdered in Pentagon attack.

Eleven month old baby girl Bojana Vasovic murdered in Pentagon attack.

The girl's father killed.

The girl's father killed.

The girl's mother killed.

The girl's mother killed.

Nothing was sacrosanct in Belgrade and the Pentagon targeted hospitals and embassies of foreign countries. Under international law, bombing an embassy is considered an act of war against that country:

Bombed Chinese embassy.

Bombed Chinese embassy.

On May 7, 1999, the Pentagon bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade killing 4 Chinese diplomats including 2 newlyweds.

On May 7, 1999, the Pentagon bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, killing 4 Chinese diplomats, including 2 newlyweds.

Another view of the bombed embassy.

Another view of the bombed embassy.

This war with Serbia was just the prelude or warn up for another dastardly attack on a long time U.S. ally namely IRAQ.

Iraq was the next victim of the new ecumenical strategy!!

Iraq is the cradle of civilization, and was the birthplace of Abraham—the father of the faithful.

King Faisal I (1883-1933).
Reigned from 1920 to 1933.


Iraq was created in 1920 by the British who carved up the defeated Ottoman Turk empire and created Iraq out of the defeated empire.

Friendly relations always existed between Iraq and the U.S. until the creation of the state of "Israel" in 1948.

British educated King Faisal II of Iraq (1939-1958).

British educated King Faisal II of Iraq (1939-1958). Reigned from 1933 to 1958.

Iraq supported the allies during World War II:

January 16, 1943, Baghdad. Iraq declared war on Germany, Italy, and Japan as of midnight tonight. Signing the declaration was Foreign Minister Abdul Ilah Hafidh. In Washington, Iraqi minister Ali Jawdat officially informed Secretary of State Cordell Hull. Among the grounds cited for the action in a long communication to the Department of State were Germany's interference in the domestic affairs of Iraq and its fomenting of rebellion against the government.
Six days later, Iraq adhered to the Declaration of the United Nations January 1, 1942, in a notification to Secretary Hull. Iraq was the thirtieth nation to do so. (Mattox, A Chronology of United States-Iraqi Relations, 1920-2006, p.25).

Many of the fake "Jews" actually financed and fought for Hitler. When Hitler began to lose the war, the Jesuit general ordered the Nazis to throw some of the "Jews" into concentration camps as it would have great propaganda purposes for the founding of the state of "Israel."

Iraq NEVER recognized the "Jews" claim to Palestine and that is why the invasion of Iraq took place in March 2003.

Before the bombing and invasion, Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi people were demonized by the Pentagon controlled press, just like the Dutch centuries earlier, and the Serbs in 1999.

Bombing of Baghdad in March 2003.


Like Belgrade in 1999, Baghdad began to suffer the ire of the Jesuit controlled Pentagon when that nation was bombed and invaded in March, 2003.

The main reason was their refusal to recognize the state of "Israel."



Destruction from the bombing of Baghdad.

The Pentagon began a reign of total destruction and terror in beautiful, historic Iraq—the birthplace of civilization:

Total destruction of beautiful, historic Iraq.

Total destruction of beautiful, historic Iraq.

There were many reasons for the destruction of Iraq but the main reason was to ensure the survival of the state of "Israel."

Iraq was turned into a HELL on earth by the Pentagon.

Iraq was turned into a HELL on earth by the Pentagon.

Here are some excerpts from a book by Washington insider Bob Woodward, who revealed the real reason for going to war with Iraq:

The war on terrorism is going okay; we are hunting down al Qaeda one-by-one," Bush began. "The biggest threat, however, is Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction. He can blow up Israel and that would trigger an international conflict," (Woodward, Plan of Attack, p. 186).

Bush had 18 more House members to the Cabinet Room on Thursday, September 26. He opened by saying the last thing he wanted was to put troops in harm's way. "Believe me, I don't like hugging the widows."
Launching into a familiar indictment of the Iraqi leader, he said, "Saddam Hussein is a terrible guy who is teaming up with al Qaeda. He tortures his own people and hates Israel.
(Woodward, Plan of Attack, p. 188).

If I decide to deal militarily with the situation in Iraq, it will mean the end of the current regime—nothing short of that." The president said he wanted to create a new Iraqi government that represented all the different religious and ethnic factions of Iraq. "The main goal is not really the return of inspectors to Iraq, but to make sure that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction that could pose a threat to the kingdom and/or to Israel." Bush added that when he made up his mind on the military option, he would contact the crown prince prior to his final decision. (Woodward, Plan of Attack, p. 230).

President Bush is totally IGNORANT of the Bible and history, because JEHOVAH supernaturally defeated the enemies of the real Jews without the help of armies. He was denying the "Jews" a chance to PROVE that they were the chosen people by hindering the Lord from working a miracle to protect them from Saddam Hussein!!

Iraqis were not fooled by the creation of the state of "Israel" in 1948!!

As we stated, the main reason for the aggression against Iraq was their refusal to acknowledge the claim of the people who call themselves "Jews" to the land of Palestine. The Iraqis are an ancient and wise civilization and are not easily fooled by charlatans and imposters:

May 11, 1949, Flushing Meadow, New York. The UN General Assembly voted to admit Israel to the United Nations as the fifty-ninth member. Iraq was one of six Arab nations that walked out in protest immediately after the balloting.(Mattox, A Chronology of United States-Iraqi Relations, 1920-2006, p. 32).

Father Abraham came from Iraq and JEHOVAH did promise his descendents the land IF they kept his covenant and commandments.

The history of JEHOVAH'S chosen people as recorded in the Old Testament is one of abject failure to keep his covenant and commandments. Finally, they rejected and crucified JEHOVAH himself when he came as their Messiah. The ancient nation of Israel came to a FINAL and COMPLETE end in 70 A.D. at the hands of the Roman army.

The ONLY nation of Israel that exists today is the HOLY NATION—the true Congregation of Christ:

And as many as walk according to this rule, peace be upon them, and mercy, and upon the ISRAEL OF GOD. (Galatians 6:16).

Bank of "Israel" in Jerusalem.

Bank of "Israel" in Jerusalem.


A usury bank in Jerusalem letting the money do the work....Usury (interest) was strictly prohibited to the Jews in the Old Testament!!

Jeremiah the prophet— a real Jew said:

"Woe is me, my mother, that thou hast borne me a man of strife and a man of contention to the whole earth! I have neither lent on usury, nor men have lent to me on usury; yet every one of them doth curse me."(Jeremiah 15:10).

And another real Jewish prophet said:

Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall be upon him.(Ezekiel 18:3).

If this WAILING WALL is part of the ancient Jewish temple that was destroyed by the Romans, then that makes JESUS a LIAR.... Whom will you believe.....JESUS the Son of God . . . or a bunch of fake "Jews"??

  And Jesus went out, and departed from the temple: and his disciples came to him for to shew him the buildings of the temple.
And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you, There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down. (Matthew 24:1-2).

Fake Jews "pray" before remains of temple of Jupiter.

Fake Jews "pray" before the remains of the temple of Jupiter.


The only building that the Romans left standing was Fortress Antonia which was connected to the Temple.

The Romans renamed Jerusalem Aelia Capitolina and built a temple dedicated to Jupiter Capitolinus on the very spot where the Wailing Wall is located today.



Remains of temple of Jupiter at night.

Remains of temple of Jupiter at night.

Is this state of "Israel" worth the life of ONE U.S. soldier seeing they deny the very Gospel of Christ that founded this great nation??

Vital Links

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