This expose is getting to the bottom . . . or rather the TOP of the mysterious, strong conspiracy (II Samuel 15:12) ....It makes all previous Twin Towers conspiracies obsolete . . . or gone with the wind . . . because it is based on the infallible Holy Scriptures!

King George V was not even supposed to be king. His elder brother, Prince Edward, was Jack the Ripper. Queen Victoria was not amused by his murders and mutilations, so she ordered that the Prince be sent to Purgatory! That order was duly carried out, and Prince George succeeded to the throne after the timely death of Edward the Caresser in 1910.

King George V (1865 1936).
Misruled from 1910 to 1936.

King George V was the younger brother of Jack the Ripper and the grandfather of Queens Lilibeth and Elizabeth.

The king was furious when his cousin "Kaiser Bill" was forced to abdicate in November 1918.

The intervention of the heroic Doughboys saved the world from British-Prussian worldwide hegemony!

After obtaining permission from cousin Winston Churchill, the king ordered Montagu Norman to annex the Port of New York to Babylon on the Thames once again!!


Montagu Norman (18711950). Bank of England Governor from 1920 to 1944.

After financing the Huns and the Russian Revolution, Britannia was bankrupt. The money must have been "donated" to the Bank of England by the private U.S. "Federal" Reserve Bank.

Highwayman Robert "Moses"

Oxford University graduate Robert "Moses" was the driving force behind the creation of the Port Authority of London, New York, and New Jersey.

Toll bridge monopolies, called turnpikes, began during the reign of the Queen Elizabeth double!!

Julius Hell Cohen was the Machiavellian attorney for the trust.

He knew all the loopholes in the law and he guided the monopoly during its formative years.

HIghwayman Julius Hell Cohen

Eugenius Outerbridge was another of the highwaymen who founded the Port Authority of London, New York, and New Jersey. Eugenius was named after Pope Eugenics IV (misruled from 1431 to 1447). A stealthily-named bridge, called the Outerbridge Crossing, connecting Staten Island with New Jersey, is named after him.

Eugenius Outerbridge

The stealthy corporation called the Port Authority of London, New York, and New Jersey was chartered on April 30, 1921, just over 1 year after the end of WWI.

Eugenius Outerbridge was its first chairman.

The Outerbridge bridge was named after Outerbridge and began collecting tolls immediately after opening in June 1928.




The Outerbridge bridge, completed in 1928, was named after Eugenius Outerbridge.

The parent corporation of the Port Authority was called the Harbor Commission, and it had a mandate to build rail links connecting New York City with the mainland. When cars became the main mode of transportation, the potential of a cash windfall from tolls became immediately apparent to the Port Authority bankers in London.

In 2010, the former HQ of the Port Authority was donated to Google!!

The original HQ of the Port Authority of London, New York, and New Jersey was located at 111 Eight Avenue. It covered an entire city block from Eight to Ninth Avenue and 15th to 16th Streets.

The former HQ of the Port Authority
is a massi
ve building on 8th Ave.

The building was completed in 1932 and it is titanic.

At 15-storys high it is definitely not a skyscraper, but it covers an entire city block.

It resembles a Babylonian ziggurat and the roof is flat for helicopters to land.

In terms of square footage it is one of the largest buildings in New York City.


The former HQ of the Port Authority
donated to Google.

Officially, the building cost $2.6 billion, but that is just an accounting trick to disguise the fact that the building is owned by the Port Authority of London and New York.

Austin Tobin, S.J
. (1903

Austin Tobin joined the Port Authority in 1927, 5 years before Outerbridge crossed to the next world!

Tobin was a high-ranking officer in the Militia of Jesus and the driving force behind the spectacular growth of the Port Authority.

Guy Tozzeli was another high-ranking Jesuit, and he succeeded Tobin when he retired in 1972.

Tobin and Tozzeli were the driving force behind the construction of the Twin Towers!!


Guy Tozzeli, S.J. (1922

When Tobin joined the company in 1927, it had only 300 employees. When he retired as executive director in 1972, that private corporation had 8,000 employees, and an investment of $2.6 billion in bridges, airports, ship terminals and other facilities, including the vast World Trade Center.


David and Nelson Rockefeller were 2 more key conspirators in the erection of the Twin Towers.

The Towers were affectionately called "David and Nelson" and were completed in 1973.

Nelson Rockefeller was sworn-in as Vice President in 1974.

If King Nelson I had succeeded in seized the Presidency without an election, the Towers would have been demolished by "Russians" instead of Arabs!


Nelson Rockefeller


By keeping Nelson Rockefeller from the White House, our Great JEHOVAH postponed Armageddon for the fourth time.

Thanks to his mistress, the man who would be king died in the saddle in 1979. His less amorous older brother lived to a ripe old age.

Radio Row merchants fought a heroic but hopeless battle against the Twin Towers!!

Radio Row was the nickname for an urban street or district specializing in the sale of radio and electronic equipment and parts. Radio Rows arose in many cities with the 1920s spectacular increase in radio stations throughout the New Jerusalem.

Oscar and Rae Nadel owed the most successful small store in Radio Row. When they received news from the tyrannical Port Authority that they were going to be evicted, with only $3,000 compensation, they were infuriated.

Oscar and Rae Nadel led the fight against
the tyrannical Port Authority.

The dictatorial Port Authority ordered the Radio Row merchants to move out and offered them just $3,000 compensation.

Oscar and Rae Nadel led the fight against the "Communist-like" confiscation of private property.




holding an anti-World Trade
Center protest
in Radio Row, July 1962.

The merchants in Radio Row were so vocal in their condemnation of the Towers that the mayor could not ignore them!

John Lindsay became mayor of New York City on January 1, 1966. On the same day there was a transit strike which crippled the city.

Mayor John Lindsay (1921
Mayor from 1966 to 1973.

Mayor Lindsay soon discovered that he was just a placeman or puppet and that Robert Moses ran the city.

In mid-July, public hearings were scheduled to take place between Mayor Lindsay, Austin Tobin, and Oscar Nadel.

Just as the hearings were about to commence, Tobin's wife Geraldine was sent to "Purgatory!"

In deference to her "grieving" husband, the hearings were cancelled!


A youthful Geraldine Tobin
(1902 July 1966).

Here is a brief quote from an eye-opening tome about the very timely demise of Geraldine Tobin:

At the family's summer home in Quogue, Long Island, where Port Authority helicopters would often touch down in the spacious front yard, Tobin's wife Geraldine somehow set her nightgown on fire when she struck a match to light a cigarette. When she was admitted to Central Suffolk Hospital, she had first and second degree burns over 50 percent of her body. Tobin and his son, Austin Jr., rushed by helicopter from Manhattan but Mrs. Tobin died the next morning (Glanz & Lipton, City in the Sky, p. 169).

That excuse is just as fantastic as the Boeing jets causing the collapse of the Towers....The mayor attended the funeral mass for Geraldine, and he tried to comfort her "grieving" husband. Naturally, the hearings were cancelled and construction of the Twins continued.

The Twin Towers Oregon top secret eye tests demolished Galileo's rotating earth myth!!

Because of the flimsy construction and soaring height of the Towers, the conspirators conducted tests in far-off Oregon. That location was chosen to keep some of the inquisitive New York reporters away from an eye-opening story.

The "Oregon
Research Institute"
was an MI666 front.

Beginning in 1965, the "Oregon Research Institute" opened a storefront in downtown Eugene and advertised free eye exams!

The exam room was mounted on hydraulics to simulate the motion of the Towers.

Davenport and his "optometrists" where shocked to discover that the smallest movement of the floor caused motion sickness!



Alan Davenport (1932

When Davenport reported the results to his bosses in London, alarm bells begin to ring because it demolished Galileo's rotating earth myth. It also threatened to derail the Twin Towers construction project.

Tobin and Tozelli refused to accept the results until they sent some of their top skeptics to Oregon. Finally, they were forced to accept the results, and the engineers added more shock absorbers to the Towers.

The Towers were prepped for demolition after the 1993 explosion!!

Seismic geopolitical changes, as profound as the New Jerusalem victory over the Huns, came about after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

To the great dismay of the British Cleopatra, the "Bolshevik" menace no longer existed, so he "Soviets" could not be blamed for the demolition.

exploding transformer knocked
out power to both Towers.

On February 26, 1993, an explosion went off in the basement of the North Tower and it knocked out power to both Towers.

The elevators stopped working so the occupants had to use the stairwells.

Wonder of wonders, the tenants discovered that there was no emergency lighting in the stairwells of both buildings!

Firemen evacuating a woman on a stretcher.

Some of the tenants had to walk down from the top floors in the dark. In total darkness it took them 2 hours to reach the ground floor. All high rise buildings in the U.S. are required to have emergency lighting in their stairwells. Because the Port Authority is a foreign corporation, they are not subject to the U.S. fire code.

Karl Koch III was president of a small scrap metal company in the Bronx named Karl Koch Erecting....That company had about 20 employees, but they beat out BIG STEEL with their low bid of $20,000,000.

Karl Koch III (b. 1932) was president
of the Karl Koch Erecting Company.

During the "renovation" after the explosion, shaped charges were tie-wrapped to the trusses.

Both Towers were ready for controlled demolition on 9/11.

Trusses or floor paneling was all that held the floors up. Some of the trusses were
over 60 ft. long. Single story warehouses use this type of construction!

Here are the figures from the Men of Steel book by Karl Koch:

U.S. Steel: $122,000,000.
Bethlehem Steel: $118,000,000.
Karl Koch Erecting Co. $20,000,000.

Since the Port Authority has unlimited funds from tolls, it is amazing why they didn't use the 2 big reputable steel companies. Perhaps the steel companies knew they were unsafe, and refused to build them at any price!

A fireman on the well-
lighted stairwell
rescuing tenants on 9/11.

It is a mystery why the New York City Fire Department did not insist on lighted stairways before the 1993 explosion.

It just proves that the foreign Port Authority is not subject to U.S. fire safety codes.

If the Soviet Union was still standing that mysterious actor would have been named Ivan Ladensky.


actor named Osama bin Laden was considered the mastermind behind the collapse of the Towers!!

Very conveniently, his HQ was in Afghanistan, a country that the Leopard first invaded in 1839. That explosion and fire caused a lot of bad publicity for the Towers, but the Port Authority was able to fill it again with tenants by offering FREE RENT!

There was a marked increase in Satanic activity after 2000

Saint John in the Apocalypse predicted that Satan would be loosed from his prison after 1000 years:

And when the thousand years shall be finished, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, and shall go forth, and seduce (Gk. planeĊ: deceive) the nations, which are over the four quarters (Gk. gonia: corners) of the earth, Gog and Magog, and shall gather them together to battle, the numbers of whom is as the sand of the sea (Apocalypse 20:7, Douay-Rheims Version).

About 90 AD, when Saint John wrote the Apocalypse in the Greek language, the earth still had 4 CORNERS. There was a marked increase in Satanic activity after 1000 AD with the Babylonian Captivity of Britannia.

The Twin Towers demolition.
The Twin Towers demolition.

The Twin Towers were demolished by explosives and a small nuclear weapon hidden in the basement.

It was a false flag operation engineered by the Leopard and the tyrannical Port Authority of New York.

In 2004, Crusader George W Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq, and that led to millions of displaced Muslims invading Europe and the U.S.

Twin Towers rubble after the demolition.
Twin Towers rubble after the demolition.

The birdcage construction of the Twin Towers made them very easy to demolish. Old buildings are usually demolished by explosives perfectly timed to prevent damage to surrounding buildings. Another reason for 9/11 was to get rid of a fearless reporter named Barbara Olsen.

Fearless reporter Barbara Olsen
Fearless reporter Barbara Olsen

Barbara Olsen (a last days Deborah) was a lawyer and well known TV personality.

She was the bane of Hillary, as she just published a damning expose entitled Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary hated the very ground she walked on and demanded that she be killed in a "plane crash" on 9/11.

Hell to Pay was a bestselling
Hell to Pay
was a bestselling
expose of Hillary Clinton.

Barbara Olsen was a fearless critic of Hillary Clinton and she was #1 on her hit list for 9/11:

We already know that in her relentless quest for power Hillary has been as financially acquisitive and ethically agile as any politician. But she also has pursued a politics of vendetta, deceit, and extremist ideology to a remarkable degree. Hillary's embryonic Senate campaign has shown that she is determined to let nothing stand in the way of the next step in her ambitious career. She has also proven that for those who are in her way or who fail to help her, there will indeed be "hell to pay." Never have the stakes been so high—both for her and for her opportunity to change the nation. (OIsen, Hell to Pay, p. 316).

The "official story" was that Barbara was a passenger on Flight 77 which was flown into the Pentagon. Incredibly, her husband, attorney Theadore Olsen, was not with her on that flight . . . and he survived..... It seems like a lot of trouble to kill one person, but such was the hatred of Hillary for fearless critic Barbara Olsen.

New York City is the third and final Mystery Babylon the Great!!

According to the Holy Bible, Satan was to raise up 3 Mystery Babylons before his final doom in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone. The first Mystery Babylon is situated on the Tiber, the second Mystery Babylon is located on the Thames, and the third Mystery Babylon is located on the Hudson River.

Washington's first inaugural took place in
Federal Hall in NYC, April 30, 1789.

Washington was sworn-in as the nation's first President in New York City.

His mission was to jumpstart MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT (Apocalypse 17:5).

After 4 years, Congress forced George to return to the City of Brotherly Love!


The first Presidential mansion was located on
the corner of Pearl and Cherry Streets.

New York City was not even the capital of New York State, but the city was awash in money stolen from India by the East India Company. Additionally, slavery was legal in the State, and George brought along several slaves from his plantation in Mount Vernon, Virginia.

Outline map of Mystery
Babylon the Great.

Zechariah prophesied after the fall of Ancient Babylon to the Medes and Persians, so his vision was of a future Babylon, sitting on many waters, and dominating the world by trade!!

According to Zechariah, the twin females symbolize WICKEDNESS (Zech. 5:8), and the New York state flag is a great visual aid link to that prophecy!



The New York state flag with the twin female founders of the Third Babylon the Great.

By the time Zechariah prophesied, world hegemony had passed from the head of gold to the breast and arms of silver:

Then lifted I up mine eyes, and looked, and, behold, there came out two women, and the wind was in their wings; for they had wings like the wings of a stork: and they lifted up the ephah between the earth and the heaven. Then said I to the angel that talked with me, Whither do these bear the ephah? And he said unto me, To build it an house in the land of Shinar: and it shall be established, and set there upon her own base (Zechariah 5:9-11).

In the Apocalypse, Saint John elaborates further on that prophecy, and describes the third Babylon the Great in detail. She is a merchant who dominates world trade by trading in very kind of commodity, including SLAVES and PEARLS (Apocalypse Chapters 18 & 19).

That indeed is a vivid description of WICKED Wall Street, whose creed has been greed for the past 200 years!

Fulfilled Bible prophecy is a tremendous Faith booster and a vaccine against doubt and unbelief. The Jewish Messiah said:

And now I have told you before it comes to pass, that, when it comes to pass, ye might believe (Saint John 14:29).

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