Before his death and Resurrection, the Messiah promised to send another HELPER or COMFORTER. That person is the Holy Spirit or Third Person of the Holy Trinity. The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father only, but the Father sent him to earth to take the place of his Son until the end of time:

But the Comforter (Gk. parakletos), which is the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you (St. John 14:26).

Here is that same verse from the Douay-Rheims Version:

But the Paraclete, the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your mind, whatsoever I shall have said unto you (St. John 14:26, Douay-Rheims-Version).

The Comforter or Helper was mentioned many times during the Messiah's last discourse with his disciples:

Nevertheless I tell you the truth. It is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper (Gk. parakletos),will not come to you; but if I depart, I will send him to you (St. John 16:7).

Alarmingly, the Muslims claim that the Paraclete or Helper was Mohammed:

And of Jesus Son of Mary, who said to the Israelites: I am sent forth to you from Allah to confirm the Torah already revealed, and to give news of an apostle that will come after me whose name is Ahmed' (Sura 61:6,The Koran with Parallel Arabic Text, p. 551).

By attributing the work of the Holy Spirit to an extremely wicked man like Mohammed, Muslims have committed the unpardonable sin:

Wherefore I say unto you, all manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven unto men (Matthew 12:31).

Only the names of DEMONS change from language to language (Apocalypse 9:11). This is just one more proof that Islam is indeed the Little Horn, or the Beast from the East.

The blasphemy against the Holy Spirit began with a monk named Joachim of Fiore!

Catholic eschatology, or the study of the Last Days, began with a FALSE PROPHET named Joachim of Fiore. The name Joachim means "may JEHOVAH exalt," and the name Fiore means "flowers" in Italian.

Joachim's false prophecies were later suppressed, but his main thesis was that Islam would replace Christianity after the year 1260.

Joachim of Fiore

In 1196, Joachim of Fiore wrote a massive commentary on the Apocalypse entitled Expositio in Apocalipsim.

He divided history into 3 parts, and he predicted that the 3rd epoch would begin in 1260.

The coming era would be the "Age of the Holy Spirit."

His writings were enthusiastically approved by fellow Cistercian monk Pope Lucius III and Pope Innocent III.


Pope Lucius III (11001185).
Pope from 1181 to 1185.

Pope Lucius was the first Pope to publicly rail against the Christians, whom he called HERETICS. Coincidentally, most of the Christians were living in the South of France. Those Christians believed that the 1260 years was the time allotted for the duration of the Papal Beast that was hell bent on their destruction.

Joachim of Fiore believed that history was divided into three fundamental epochs:

The number 1260 is very prominent in the Book of Daniel and the Apocalypse. It symbolizes a year of days:

And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she had a place prepared by God, that there they should feed her a thousand two hundred and sixty days (Apocalypse 11:2-3,12:6,12;14, Douay-Rheims Version).

That same time period is also called 42 months (42 x 30), and "time, times and half a time." (360 + 720 + 180=1260). In Bible chronology, a month equals 30 days, and a year equals 360 days (Numbers 14:34, Ezekiel 4:6). 1260 is also found in the genealogy of the Messiah. From Abraham to Joshua was 42 generations and 42x30 = 1260 (St. Matthew 1:17).

Hajji Francis had his pseudo "Damascus Road Experience" in Perugia prison!

Giovanni di Bernardino was one of several sons of Pietro di Bernardino. His mother's name was Pica de Bourlemont from Provence, and she spoke French fluently.

After returning from a business and spying trip to France, his father gave him the nickname Francesco, which literally means Frenchman.

Francesco di Bernardone (11811226)
aka "Saint" Francis.

Even though the future hajji was Italian, baby di Bernardone was given the name Francesco, which literally means "the French one."

A pugnacious and lusty youth, he would have been a great recruit for the Knights Templar "fighting monks."

In 1202, he killed several Perugians during the Battle of Collestrada.


Perugia, where Francis was
imprisoned for 1 year.

Francis came from a wealthy family, so instead of being killed after the battle, he was held for ransom at a prison in Perugia. It was during that time that he had his false "Damascus Road Experience," and instead of following Christ . . . he began to follow the false prophet Mohammed....During that time he also began to devour the writings of another pseudo "prophet" named Joachim of Fiore.

Pope Innocent III (1160 -1216).
Pope Innocent III (1160–1216).
Reigned from 1198 to 1216.

Pope Innocent III was one of the most pugnacious Popes that ever wore the Triple Crown.

In 1204 he launched the Fourth Crusade, in 1209 he launched the Albigensian Crusade, and in 1212 he launched the Children's Crusade.

In 1209, Pope Innocent III officially recognized the Franciscan Order.



Francis and his 11 monks kneeling
before Pope Innocent III.

You cannot have an Order of "celibate" monks without having an equivalent order of NUNS to take care of the needs of the monks. That was why he established the female branch of the Franciscans in 1212.

Chiara Offreduccio, who also lived in the town of Assisi, was the founder of the female branch of the Franciscans. She was born about 3 years after Francis. Francis gave her the female version of the tonsure so she could never let her hair down for him!!

Claire of Assisi (11841253).

Francis established the female branch of the Franciscans in 1212. At the same time he invented the baby Jesus Christmas crèche.

Francis and Claire knew that child sacrifice was a vital part of Muslim/Molech worship.

In European monasteries and nunneries, babies were smothered as a sacrifice to Moloch, but that demon preferred burning babies alive!!


Francis and Claire looked upon their baby
Jesus as a sacrifice well-pleasing to Moloch.

As potential Muslims, Francis and Claire knew that Molech preferred sacrificial babies burned alive. That diabolical practice was forbidden by all the governments of Europe.

King Solomon, who built the great Temple in Jerusalem, also built a shrine for baby sacrifices to Molech:

Then Solomon built a high place for Chemosh, the abomination of Moab on the hill that is east of Jerusalem, and for Molech the abomination of the Ammonites (I Kings 11:7).

That abominable shrine was built right in front of the Holy Temple of JEHOVAH, thus provoking him to anger, and it was the direct cause of the Babylonian Captivity.

Mohammed attributed the work of Baalzebub to the Holy Spirit!

Mohammed claimed that he received the Koran from the angel Gabriel while in a cave. Muslim dogma also equates the angel Gabriel with the Holy Spirit.

The angel Gabriel is one of the archangels in heaven. He appeared to Daniel and told him the exact year that the Messiah would be born (Daniel 9:21). He also appeared to Miriam and told her that she was going to be the mother of the Messiah (St. Luke 1:19).

The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Holy Trinity. He proceeds from the Father alone . . . and he inspired the authors of the Holy Bible. Mohammed did not have the Holy Spirit; he had the unholy spirit, because he had the "falling sickness" and was demon possessed all his life.

The Hira Cave where Mohammed
received the Koran.

Like Julius Caesar, Mohammed had the "falling sickness." His relatives called it "demon possession." Today, psychiatrists call it epilepsy.

It was during his epileptic fits that he claimed the angel Gabriel gave him the Koran.

The Jewish Messiah did all his miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit. Certain Jews accused him of doing them by Baalzebub—the prince of the demons.

An artistic depiction of Mohammed receiving the Koran from the angel Gabriel.

Those Jews committed the unpardonable sin by saying that the Holy Spirit was an evil spirit:

Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven men.  Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, neither in this world nor in the world to come (Matthew 12:31, Mark 3:28).

Mohammed committed the unpardonable sin when he attributed the work of the unclean spirit to the Holy Spirit. Mohammed put all his followers on the slippery slope to the Lake of Fire and Brimstone when he attributed the work of Baalzebub to the Holy Spirit.

During the Fifth Crusade, Hajji Francis invited the Muslims to invade Europe!

The Fifth Crusade was launched by Pope Honorius III in 1217. Pope Honorius succeeded Innocent III after that Pope had a timely demise. He put a Spaniard named Pelegius Galvani in charge of the Crusade.

Pope Honorius III (11501227).
Pope from 1216 to 1227.

In 1217, Pope Honorius III launched the Fifth Crusade.

He appointed Cardinal Pelegius Galvani as his legate and overseer.

Francis and his monks accompanied the Crusade to Egypt but none of them participated in the actual fighting.



Cardinal Pelegius Galvani

The focus of the Crusaders' attack was the city of Damietta, located at the mouth of the Nile, and key to the conquest of Egypt.

Crusaders besieging Damietta.

The siege of Damietta turned into a bloody stalemate, with both sides suffering horrendous casualties.

The military operation was supervised by the Papal legate, and it turned into a disaster.

It was during a lull in the fighting that Francis and a fellow monk visited the Sultan's camp.



Crusaders fighting at Damietta.

During a lull in the siege, Francis and another monk visited the camp of Sultan Malik al-Kamil, which was located across the Nile, about 8 miles away.

Francis and Sultan Malik al-Kamil.

Francis told Sultan Malik (Molech) al-Kamil that the only way to end the bloody Crusades was for the Muslims to invade Europe.

He expounded the "prophecies" of Joachim of Fiore about the 3rd "Age of the Holy Spirit" when all the world would be Muslim.

He promised the Sultan to work diligently to make Europe Muslim!!

Francis expounding the "prophecies" of
Joachim of Fiore to the Muslims.

Normally, when a Crusader walked into the camp of the Muslims he was immediately arrested as a spy . . . and beheaded....Francis and his fellow monk kept their heads and walked out alive. Francis promised the Sultan that his monks would do everything in their power to facilitate the Muslim conquest of Europe. The lusty Francis also envied the Muslims because they were allowed 4 wives.

Francis and Hajji Frederick II were working diligently for the Muslim conquest of Europe!

The only thing we can know for certain about the future Sultan Frederick II was that he was born in Lesi, near Ancona, Italy. His mother was Queen Constance of Sicily, and she gave birth in a public square to forestall any doubts that she was his mother. At that time Constance was married to German Emperor Henry VI—son of the famous warrior Frederick Barbarossa—who was drowned on the Third Crusade while crossing a river!

Sultan Frederick II (11941250).
Reigned from 1220 to 1250.

The Hajji was the son of Queen Constance of Sicily. Sicily was thoroughly Muslim since at least 827.

To give her son legitimacy, Constance married German Emperor Henry VI—grandson of Frederick Barbarossa.

A "devout" Muslim from his youth, the Hajji had 4 wives and a harem.


Constance of Sicily (11541198)
was the mother of the Hajji

The Hajji was the first to plant Muslims in mainland Italy. For that reason he was given the nickname "Sultan of Lucera." He was also called stuper mundi "the wonder of the world." He was indeed a wonder . . . as his entire long reign was devoted to one objective: make Europe Muslim.

The Little Flowers of Saint Francis tells a tale of Francis on his return voyage from Outremer, though some authorities maintain he returned via Venice. In the more popular instance, according to his apologists, Francis was in the vicinity of Bari, in Apulia, preaching salvation through penance and a return of the Church to its proper ecclesiastical purpose. Frederick had heard of this sainted man and invited him to lodge at his great castle, One can only imagine how Frederick's harem, courtiers, guards, and imperial menagerie went over with his antipathetic guest! (Cassidy, The Emperor and the Saint, pp. 187-188).

Hajji Francis did indeed envy Hajji Frederick with his harem and 4 wives. Both of them looked forward to the year 1260 when Joachim's "prophecies" would come to pass.

In 1235, the Hajji married Princess Isabella sister of Plantagenet King Henry III of England. That was a marriage alliance made in hell by Pope Gregory IX.

Queen Isabella (12141241).
Queen from 1235 to 1241.

Pope Gregory IX ordered Hajji Frederick to marry Princess Isabella of Britannia, sister of Plantagenet King Henry III.

That marriage alliance united Britannia and Germany with the Muslim Caliphate, and surrounded France with deadly enemies!!

The marriage made in hell took place in Worms Cathedral in July 1235.


The wedding of Isabella and
Hajji Frederick II

It was definitely not a love match. Hajji Frederick just added her to his harem, which included women from Arabia, attended by black eunuchs. Assassination is a vital and deadly dogma of the Muslim religion, so he poisoned Queen Isabella after a short 6-year marriage.

He never refunded the vast dowry that he had received from the common English people.

The "Iron Lady" postponed Hajji Francis until 2013

We almost had a Muslim Pope named Francis in 2005. We can thank our Great JEHOVAH, and "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher that it did not come to pass.

In February 2001, Bergoglio became Cardinal
Bergoglio, and the Pope's successor.

In February 2001, the ailing Pope John Paul II made Jorge Bergoglio a cardinal.

He also named Bergoglio as his successor.

In March 2005, Cardinal Bergoglio was absolutely sure he would be the first Muslim Pope.

"Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher postponed his Papacy.

Jorge Bergoglio entered the conclave as a
cardinal, and expected to emerge as Pope.

Before the conclave, "anonymous" distributed damning evidence of his complicity in the "Dirty War." "Anonymous" is just a synonym for the British Secret Service:

No one admitted to sending the email. The ambassador said he did not do it. So did the lawyer. So did the journalist. So did several high ranking officials of the Society of Jesus, the world's biggest and most powerful religious order. The dossier that dropped anonymously in the inbox of senior cardinals as they gathered at Rome was damning. Or so it was intended to be. Someone did not want Jorge Mario Bergoglio to be Pope. (Vallely, Pope Francis: Untying the Knots, p. 1).

Even though the " Iron Lady" was out of office since 1990, she was still hugely influential in governmental circles. They all remembered the Falklands War, and they were not about to have an Argentine as Pope.

In 2005, the man on the balcony was
supposed to be Cardinal Bergoglio.

A Titanic battle raged at the Vatican between the Jesuits and the other factions.

Finally, in March 2013, Joseph Ratzinger, aka Pope Benedict XVI, was forced to resign.

The outcome was never in doubt as Jorge Bergoglio finally achieved his lifelong ambition and became Pope Francis.

Pope at last, March 13, 2013.

After an intense struggle that lasted from 2005 to 2013, Bergoglio finally forced Pope Benedict XVI to resign. Only a month later, the woman who torpedoed Bergoglio in 2005 was sent to meet her Maker.

Joachim of Fiore was a false prophet like Mohammed

Joachim of Fiore was never canonized because his predictions never came to pass. Additionally, his writings were suppressed because they were a big embarrassment to the Papal monarchy. On the other hand, Francis was fast tracked to Papal "sainthood" by his close friend, Ugolino di Conti, the future Pope Gregory IX.

Pope Gregory IX (11451241)
Pope from 1227 to 1241.

Joachim of Fiore's writings were suppressed, but he is still the major inspiration for the Franciscans.

Francis wrote nothing, but in 1228 he was fast tracked to Papal "sainthood" in order to help fulfill the prophecies.

Pope Gregory IX created the dreaded Inquisition, and he also canonized Inquisitor Dominic de Guzmán—founder of the Dominicans.


Tomb of Francis in
Assisi in Italy.

Europe did come very close to a Muslim conquest, but we can thank our great Messiah that "the gates of Hades did not prevail" (St. Matthew 16:18)

Christ predicted that many false prophets would arise and deceive many. Joachim of Fiore—the inspiration for Francis of Assisi—was just one of them. No era of the "Holy Spirit" began in the year 1260. The Franciscans and Knights Templar did try desperately to fulfill that prophecy . . . but they all failed....The 1307 attempted Muslim takeover of Europe was foiled by Philip the Fair.

Since the blessed Reformation, Biblical scholars have correctly applied the 1260 year prophecy to the Papacy. In 313, Emperor Constantine was recognized as the first "Christian" Emperor by the Roman Senate. This date can be considered as the official beginning of the Papal Roman Empire.

In 755, King Pepin of the Franks donated the Papal States to the Roman pontiffs.

Year of actual fulfillment

The Christian calendar is based on the year of the birth of the Jewish Messiah. The Messiah was actually born in 4 BC so the calendar is off by 4 years.

Islam is the TWIN of the Papacy. Both religions began their rise about the same time, so we should expect their decline and fall to be simultaneous.

Samson demolishing the temple of Dagon is the real end of the world scenario!

The exciting true story of Samson is an end of the world scenario acted out in history. Mighty man Samson was on his way to Timnath when he was attacked by a lion. That was no Cowardly Lion as in the Wizard of Oz:

Then Samson went down with his father and his mother, and came to the vineyards of Timnath. And, behold, a young lion roared against him.  And the Spirit of JEHOVAH came mightily upon him, and he tore the lion apart as he would have torn apart a young goat, though he had nothing in his hand, but he told not his father or his mother what he had done (Judges 14: 5-6).

The Spirit of JEHOVAH is the Third Person of the Holy Trinity . . . who proceeds from the Father alone.....Shepherd boy David also killed a lion with his bare hands after Samuel anointed him with oil (symbol of the Holy Spirit).

The Holy Spirit also anointed the Messiah with mighty power after his baptism in the Jordan River.

Samson ripping the lion apart
with his bare hands.

Samson was blinded by the Philistines and made to work like an ox.

They proclaimed a "holy day" and brought out Samson to entertain them, but they did not notice that his hair had grown back again.

Samson pushed on the TWIN pillars with all his might and brought the temple down on their heads.


At the end, Samson regained his strength,
and he brought the house down on
the heads of the Philistines.

The Exodus from Egypt is also a marvelous type of Armageddon and the end of the world. When the Egyptians were pursuing the children of Israel at the Red Sea, JEHOVAH sent his MECHANIC-ANGELS to pull off the wheels of their chariots—in order to slow them down:

And it came to pass, that in the morning watch that JEHOVAH looked unto the host of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the cloud, and troubled the host of the Egyptians, and took off their chariot wheels, that they drove them heavily: so that the Egyptians said, "let us flee from the face of Israel; for JEHOVAH fighteth for them against the Egyptians" (Exodus:14:24-25).

In these last days . . . we cannot stop . . . but only slow down . . . the Vatican and Islam . . . so all true Christians should become MECHANICS for CHRIST!!

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