This expose will make all previous histories of the reign of Henry VIII and "Queen Elizabeth I" obsolete . . . or gone with the wind!

The name Elizabeth is a Hebrew name and it means House of El. EL means strong and mighty, and it is one of the two Hebrew names for the Almighty. His other name is JEHOVAH.

All of Europe was enthralled by the melodramatic events happening in the Henrician Court. While everybody was focused on Henry and his 6 wives, the real drama and intrigue was happening behind the scenes and away from the public gaze.

King Henry VIII (1491–1547).
King from 1509 to 1547.

Henry became king in 1509, after the sudden death of his father, King Henry VII.

Coincidently, the king died 2 years after a Franciscan friar named Fray Diego Fernandez joined Catherine's court.

The marriage of Henry VIII and Queen Catherine took place the same year.

Catherine was expected to beget a male heir, but her only surviving offspring was a daughter named Mary.


Catherine of Aragon (1485–1536).
Queen from 1509 to 1533.

Friar Diego was Catherine's priest confessor, and he might have rendered her more than spiritual help:

For a long time her repeated appeals for a Spanish-speaking confessor went unheeded in Spain. Then, sometime before April, 1507, she found Fray Diego Fernandez. He was a member of the very order to which she, like her mother, was most attached, the Observant Franciscans. Like most of the Observants he was of humble birth, but he was a Spaniard of the Spaniards, a native of Old Castile, and he had studied at Salamanca, and was able to share her intellectual interests. He had been long enough in England to speak English and knew something of the islanders. And whatever his motives—and we know nothing of the motives of Fray Diego—he proved himself loyal and devoted. Before long he was the only person in her household on whom Catherine felt she could rely (Mattingly, Catherine of Aragon, p.107).

Fray Diego even wrote to King Ferdinand telling him that Catherine was pregnant with TWINS . . . but lost both babies!

If that friar was the real father of Mary Tudor, it is no wonder that she earned the sobriquet "Bloody Mary" Tudor! Romanism is the only religion in the world that has access to females in the confessional.

No portrait exists of the favorite
mistress of King Henry VIII.

After Catherine proved infertile, Henry began a relationship with one of his ladies-in-waiting named Bessie Blount.

Bessie proved very fertile, and she soon presented him with a boy, which he named Henry Fitzroy (son of the king).

Henry found a surrogate husband for her named Gilbert Tailboys (1497–1530).



The first 4 offspring of King Henry
and Bessie Blount.

Gilbert was just a placeholder, and the son was a Tudor . . . and not a Tailboys.

King Henry divorced Queen Catherine and married Anne Boleyn in 1533. Their firstborn was a girl named Elizabeth. After the death of Queen Anne, Henry was very serious about marrying Bessie and appointing Henry Fitzroy as his heir:

Hopes were high over the summer of 1536 that Fitzroy would be named as heir to throne. However, the young man was, perhaps, the victim of his own success. His existence showed the king that he could father a surviving son and he remained determined to produce a legitimate heir. Catherine of Aragon had become pregnant within weeks of her marriage, whilst Anne Boleyn had actually been in the early stages of pregnancy at her wedding. (Norton, Bessie Blount: Mistress to Henry VIII, p. 174).

As an absolute monarch, Henry could make his horse his heir, but certain proprieties had to be observed because Pope Leo X gave Henry the pompous title "Defender of the Faith" for a book that was ghost-written by Sir Thomas More.

Henry Fitzroy (1519–1536). His sister
played the role of "Queen Elizabeth I."

In 1525, King Henry made his son Duke of Richmond and Somerset.

In 1536, Henry was determined to marry Bessie and make her son his heir!

Since Henry was "Defender of the Faith," many powerful people at Court opposed his plan of marrying his mistress and adopting his bastard.

In July 1536, the young duke was given the poison cup and sent to meet his Maker!.


Tomb of Henry Fitz
roy in Framlingham
Church, Suffolk.

Henry was devastated by the death of his son, but his death was felt most keenly by Bessie because she lost a golden opportunity to be the next queen of England.

The 4
daughters of Henry and Bessie.

Bessie was like a lioness robbed of her cubs after the untimely death of her son, and she was determined to beget another boy in his place.

Henry found a surrogate husband for her named Edward Fiennes-Clinton.

After 4 heroic attempts to beget a boy, she died in childbirth in 1540.

Any one of the four Tudor girls could have played the role of Counter-Reformation "Queen Elizabeth I."


Edward Fiennes-Clinton

As a reward for his discretion, Fiennes-Clinton became Lord High Admiral during the reign of the Elizabeth double. Nobody knows where Bessie was buried, but the most likely place was London, where all her daughters were born.

The bodies of Queen Anne and Princess Elizabeth were dumped into the River Thames!!

King Henry first started an affair with Anne's sister Mary when she returned from France. He soon grew tired of her and turned his attention to her sister Anne. Anne refused his advances because her devout Christian faith prohibited sex before marriage.

Anne's refused to commit fornication with the king was the catalyst that launched the English Reformation.

Queen Anne Boleyn (1501–1536).
Queen from 1533–1536.

Queen Anne Boleyn was the English Queen Esther who entered the lion's den in order to jumpstart the blessed Reformation.

Queen Catherine died suddenly in January 1536, and Queen Anne was accused of poisoning her!

A kangaroo court sentenced her to death, and she was beheaded in the Tower of London on May 19, 1536.

A secret burial in the Thames River followed her beheading!


The body of the queen in heaven was
dumped in the Thames River.

Every trace of the existence of Queen Anne was removed from London. Even her Coat of Arms was removed from Hampton Court Palace. Most of the people who were beheaded in the Tower ended up as food for the fish. In the most unkindest cut of all, the sewage from the city emptied into the river!

Queen Anne had one daughter named Princess Elizabeth, who had a very good Christian upbringing by her devout stepmother, Queen Catherine Parr.

Queen Catherine Parr

Catherine Parr was the 6th and last wife of Henry VIII.

Catherine was a devout Christian, and she had a profound influence on Princess Elizabeth and the short-lived King Edward VI.

Catherine had such a good influence on the young king that he was called the English King Josiah.

Catherine was almost arrested for "heresy" by the Catholic faction at court, but her quick-thinking outwitted her opponents . . . and saved her life!


King Edward VI (1537–1553).
Reigned from 1547 to 1553.

After the death of King Henry VIII in 1547, a power struggle ensued for control of the young King Edward. That youth had a very untimely death in 1553. King Edward was followed briefly by Queen Jane, but after she lost her head, "Bloody Mary" Tudor seized the throne.

"Bloody Mary" Tudor" (15161558).
Her fiery reign lasted from '53 to '58.

From 1553 to 1558 a Reign of Terror ensued led by "Bloody Mary" Tudor and Cardinal Reginald Pole.

Everybody had to subscribe to a belief in the REAL PRESENCE of Jesus in the host, or face a fiery death.

Princess Elizabeth was arrested and taken to the Tower.

That was the ideal time to dispose of the Princess like the 1483 Princes in the Tower!



Princess Elizabeth (1533–1554)
aged 13.

In 1483, Prince Edward and Richard disappeared from the Tower, and their bodies were never found. Burial in the Thames would leave no trace of the remains of the youths!

"Bloody Mary" Tudor blamed Elizabeth's mother for all her troubles, even for the fact that she could not conceive a child. There was no way that the Princess would have emerged alive from the Tower of London.

Additionally, Princess Elizabeth was well versed in Holy Scripture in Greek and English, so she knew that women were forbidden to rule over men (I Timothy 2:12).

In 1612, King James I removed the body of his beheaded mother from Fotheringhay Castle for burial in Westminster Abbey, next to the remains of the Elizabeth double.

Monumental tomb of Mary Queen of
Scots in Westminster Abbey.

When tourists visited the Tower of London they wondered why Queen Elizabeth I did not erect a monument to her martyred mother.

Finally, in 1876, a grave marker was placed on the supposed site of her burial.

The Elizabeth double had no interest in her supposed mother, as Queen Anne was dumped in the Thames!


Fake grave site of Queen Anne Boleyn
with a bouquet of Tudor roses.

Very few people had seen the real Princess Elizabeth, so nobody knew what she really looked like. The Catholics would be appalled if she was the spitting image of her mother.

The main mission of the Tudor double was to sever the French alliance with Scotland!!

The bizarre episode of the reign of "Bloody Mary" Tudor finally ended with her timely death in 1558. The reign of the double commenced on November 17, 1558. Under spymasters Sir Robert Cecil and Sir Francis Walsingham her mission was to jumpstart the British Empire by annexing Scotland to England.

The Elizabeth double in her
coronation robe.

The Tudor double was crowned queen on January 15, 1559.

The "Elizabethan Age," and the cult of the "Virgin Queen," was about to commence!

If Princess Elizabeth had lived she would have been 26.

The Elizabeth double would have just turned 19, however, any one of the 4 sisters could have played the role of "Queen Elizabeth I."

People were amazed at her resemblance to the late King Henry!


The Elizabeth double flanked by
her spymasters.

After the Reign of Terror of "Bloody Mary" Tudor, the English people were ready for a return to normalcy. Many of the Christians who fled abroad to escape her wrath returned, and were thankful that a daughter of King Henry and Anne Boleyn was ruling over them!

None of them had ever seen the real Princess Elizabeth, but they were delighted when they met her and saw that she resembled King Henry!

Sir William Cecil

Spymaster Sir William Cecil maintained a network of spies throughout Europe.

He was the 16th century equivalent of the GCHQ "Big Brother" spying network!

Sir Francis Walsingham was private secretary to the Elizabeth double.

Both men were the puppetmasters for the Elizabeth double.


Sir Francis Walsingham

France—the eldest daughter of the Church of Roma—was also ready to divorce and throw off the yoke of the Papacy.

In 1572, a marriage was negotiated between François, Duke of Anjou, and the "Virgin Queen." François was the youngest son of King Henry II and Catherine de' Medici.

Royal marriages were for dynastic purposes only and begetting children. 39 was considered too old for a woman to begin childbearing.

François, Duke of Anjou (1555–1584)
was 17 in 1572.

In 1572, the real Princess Elizabeth would have been 39, and old enough to be the mother of the Duke of Anjou.

The Elizabeth double would have been 32.

Spymaster Walsingham coordinated the Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre from the British embassy in Paris.

From Paris the killing spread to the entire country, with total victims numbering over 100,000.

Catherine de' Medici inspecting the dead
bodies of the
French Christians.

After the Massacre, Catherine de' Medici inspected the dead bodies of the Christians because she believed they had physical defects because her courtesans could not seduce them!

When the Elizabeth double heard the news she put on a show of mourning:

By 22 August, the Queen had arrived at Kenilworth to be entertained by Leicester, who had arranged all kinds of 'princely sports.' But on 3 September, while she was out hunting one day, a messenger arrived with a dispatch from Walsingham in Paris that caused her to burst into tears, cancel all further entertainments and send de la Mole back to France. A Spanish agent in London informed Alva that she had 'sent all her musicians and minstrels home, and there are no more of the dances, farces and entertainments with which they have been amusing themselves lately, as they have some less agreeable things to think about.' (Weir, The Life of Queen Elizabeth I, p. 287).

Mary Queen of Scots stayed up all night celebrating, while Pope Gregory XIII was beside himself with joy.

No portrait of the deadly
diplomat exists.

Top priority for the Tudor double was the union of England and Scotland.

In September she dispatched one of her deadliest diplomats named Sir Henry Killigrew to Scotland.

Killigrew was a trained soldier and an expert in the use of poison.

One of his many victims was Reformer John Knox.


Scottish Reformer John Knox
(1514–November 24, 1572.

As soon as he arrived in Scotland, Killigrew began to trumpet the events of the horrible Massacre, and vilify the French as uncivilized savages:

In the task of discrediting France, on the other hand, he had much greater success. His reports on the St. Bartholomew's massacre were well calculated to inflame popular hatred of Catholicism. Soon the Calvinist clergy, headed by the redoubtable John Knox, were heaping abuse on the heads of Charles IX and the perpetrators of the massacre. The French ambassador, Philibert du Croc, saw the reputation and influence of his country swept away by a tide of Protestant hatred, and he protested in vain against the public denunciation of his sovereign. (Miller, Sir Henry Killigrew, p. 137).

He urged the Scottish leaders to break of their alliance with France and join civilized England instead.....Privately, he was laughing at the naive Scots because his own queen approved the Massacre!

The poison cup was overflowing in Scotland during the mission of Killigrew. Just 2 of his victims include William Maitland of Lethington (15251573), and John Erskine, Earl of Mar (died October 1572).

Mary Queen of Scots (1542
Queen from 1542 to 1567.

In 1568, Mary was involved in so many murders and intrigues that she was forced to cross the border into England.

She left behind his young son James, who was really fathered by her "musician" named David Riccio.

She was a guest of the Elizabeth double for 19 years before she was tried and beheaded for treason!


The beheading of Mary Queen of
Scots on February 8, 1587.

The Elizabethan Age officially ended when the Elizabeth double passed away in 1603. Robert Cecil (15631612) was the son of spymaster Sir William Cecil and he arranged for James VI of Scotland to succeed her.

Cecil was helped by the fact that the English people were guilt-ridden because "Queen Elizabeth" ordered the execution of his mother!

King James I (1567
King from 1603 to 1625.

The "Queen Elizabeth I" charade ended when she went to meet her Maker in 1603.

King James VI ascended the throne as James I of England and the Scottish alliance with France ended.

His ultra-Catholic wife was a Viking named Anne of Denmark.

Many English people still considered the Scots uncouth barbarians, but the 1605 Gunpowder Plot won James a lot of sympathy.


Anne of Denmark (1574
Wife of King James I.

The birth of the British Empire under the ultra-Catholic Stuart dynasty was a disaster for the entire world. During the last days of the reign of the double, the British East India Company was established. The Seven Years' War expelled the French from Canada and that led to the American Revolution.

Queen Victoria was the next female sovereign to follow the Elizabeth double.

Queen Victoria (1819–1901).
Misruled Britannia from 1837 to 1901.

Queen Victoria was the daughter of Sir John Conroy and Victoire of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld.

During her long reign, Lord Palmerston and Benjamin Disraeli were her puppetmasters!

WWI "Kaiser Bill" was her favorite grandson.

There is no recorded meeting with her grandson Adolf Hitler.

Grandson Winston Churchill was also one of her favorites.


. Winston Churchill in South Africa
in 1899.

The reign of Queen Victoria ended with the conquest of South Africa by the British Empire. Vast amounts of gold stolen from the mines was used to finance World War I.

Winston Churchill placed the Elizabeth twins on the British throne!!

Winston Churchill was the puppetmaster for Elizabeth and Lilibet. Of the two, Lilibet was the most belligerent because Elizabeth is only interested in her dogs and horses!

Coronation of Lilibet in
Westminster Abbey.

The coronation of 25-year-old Lilibet took place in Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953, and the British lioness became much more aggressive.

In 1956 the Suez Canal Crisis erupted, followed by the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

During the Six-Day War in June 1967, WWIII almost started.

In March 1968, Pearl Harbor II almost ignited WWIII.

Queen Elizabeth addressing the nation after
the assassination of Princess Diana,
October 5, 1997.

Babylonian Bulldog Winston Churchill failed to use the New Jerusalem to destroy Mother Russia, and only one of the "Defenders of the Faith" is still alive today:

For she said in her heart, I sit a QUEEN, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death and mourning, and famine, and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is Adonai Elohim who judges her (Apocalypse 18:7-8).

The combined reigns of the 4 queens totals 177 years, and all true Christians should pray fervently that the nightmare of the Babylonian British monarchy will end soon with the dawning of the Eternal Day (II Saint Peter 1:19).


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