British Secret Service Agent Adolf Hitler!!

Adolf Hitler (1889–1962).
This year is the 202th anniversary (1813–2015) of the birth of Richard Wagner!!
It's time to face the music . . . that Adolf Hitler was a grandson of Queen Victoria!!

It's time to face the music . . . and accept the FACT. . . that the most infamous man in history was a British Secret Service agent and a grandson of Queen Victoria.

By grasping this fundamental fact, you will be able to understand how the United States developed a deadly "special relationship" with the British Empire!!

Houston Stewart Chamberlain was the quintessential upper class Englishman and "Mr. British Empire" personified. Like Cecil Rhodes, he believed that Britain had a divine right to rule the world....He despised Russia and the United States with a passion.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain (1855 - 1927) at age 23.
Houston Stewart Chamberlain
1927) at age 23.

British Secret Service agent Houston Stewart Chamberlain was sent to Vienna, Austria, in 1889.

His job was to oversee the education of Adolf Hitler.

His cover was journalist and botanist and he was a prominent member of Vienna's Wagner Society.

Chamberlain in Vienna in 1889.
Chamberlain in Vienna,
in 1889.

Chamberlain arrived in Vienna in 1889the very year that baby Adolf was born in the town of Braunau on the Inn:

After searching for a month, Chamberlain found a large, quiet apartment at 1 Blumelgasse, in the Mariahilf quarter to the southwest of the town center, on a high floor overlooking the Esterhazy park. This flat was to be his home for the next two decades. He enrolled in the university at once and began attending lectures in the new neo-Renaissance building on the Ringstrasse, not far from the parliament. He quickly became acquainted with Wiesner, who later recorded his first impressions of this rather intense English student. (Field, Evangelist of Race. The Germanic Visions of Houston Stewart Chamberlain. p. 95).

Austria was the most reactionary country on the face of the earth. The Austrian Hapsburgs were the bulwark of the Papacy for over 1,000 years, and they were still smarting from the loss of the Papal States.

By 1889, the British Empire had determined that a European war was the ONLY way to achieve their 5 main objectives:

1. Destruction of Czarist and Orthodox Russia.
2. Destruction of Republican France.
3. Resurrect the defunct unholy Roman empire of the German nation under Prussian hegemony.
4. Restoration of the Papal States.
5. Establish a British Empire state of "Israel" in the Mideast.

Since its unification after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, Germany was the most powerful country in western Europe. It was decided that Germany would be the "muscle" to accomplish their objectives . . . and Austria was their most willing ally.

Adolf and Alois left Vienna for Britain around 1908

With unlimited funding from the Bank of England, Chamberlain was able to totally infiltrate Viennese society and everybody of prominence made his acquaintance. The Wagner clubs were a magnet for recruiting spies, and Hitler later based his Hitler Youth on these clubs, with all the theatrics and marching to Wagner's music:

Over the next years he became the leading figure of the society and exercised a strong influence over its program and evolution. Hard at work by that time on two books and numerous essays publicizing Bayreuth, he was in demand as a lecturer and began to try out his ideas on a variety of audiences, journeying, for example, to Graz to address the society dominated by Friedrich von Hausegger and Friedrich Hofmann, two fanatical anti-Semites and nationalists who had completely disrupted the sedate Musikverein fur Steiermark some years before with their political activism. Outside the Wagner clubs he lectured to German audiences at the Deutscher Jugendbund, the student fraternity Germania, and the philosophical faculty of Vienna University. Fifty years later one listener still recalled how this tall, blond man sent "a powerful wave of excitement flooding through the hall" and Chamberlain himself was surprised by his effectiveness as speaker and his ability to master his nervousness."

(Field, Evangelist of Race. The Germanic Visions of Houston Stewart Chamberlain. pp. 100-111).

It is no secret that Hitler was a fanatical fan of Richard Wagner, and Houston Stewart Chamberlain was a leading member of the Wagner Society.

Vienna State Opera House circa 1900.
Vienna State Opera House circa 1900.

The Vienna Opera House was the rendezvous for Adolf Hitler and Houston Stewart Chamberlain.


Vienna State Opera House today.
Vienna State Opera House today.

The Vienna opera house was the perfect recruiting venue; Adolf and his brother needed very little persuasion to enlist as agents-in-training of the British Empire.

Hitler was mesmerized by the tall blond British spy, and he imitated his speaking style to harangue the masses. Wagner's autobiography, Mein Leben, was the inspiration for "Hitler's book" Mein Kampf, and the book was ghostwritten by Chamberlain.

Alois Hitler, Jr.

The 2 Hitler brothers left for Britain around 1908, or earlier.

There are no pictures of Hitler during his "missing years" because he was not in Vienna.

No pictures of Hitler as a teenager exists until he served as a "courier" during WWI.

A youthful Adolf Hitler served as a "courier" during the war.

When World War I broke out, Hitler enlisted in a Bavarian outfit called the List Regiment. It was very, very unusual for a foreigner to be allowed to serve in that unit. Hitler stayed well away from the trenches as he was assigned to regimental HQ as a dispatch runner or "courier."

"Courier" is just another word for "spy." Hitler enjoyed being very close to his fellow soldiers for 4 years, and the myth of his Iron Cross for "bravery" greatly facilitated his acceptance by the German people as a "war hero."

Chamberlain married Eva Wagner in 1908

Richard Wagner was born in Leipzig in 1813, at the end of the Napoleonic Wars, and just a year before the convening of the Congress of Vienna. His real father's name was Ludwig Geyer, and his mother's name was Johanna Pätz....Geyer means VULTURE in German.

In 1908, Chamberlain moved to the German village of Bayreuth where the Wagners had a villa named Wahnfried (madness and peace).

The Wagners had 3 children: Isolde, Eva, and Siegfried.

Composer Richard Wagner
Composer Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner married Cosima Liszt (daughter of Franz Liszt) in 1870.

The Wagners had 3 children: Isolde, Eva, and Siegfried.

Wagner was the 19th century's equivalent of the Beatles as his opera music was considered revolutionary.

Cosima Wagner circa 1877
Cosima Wagner circa 1877

At that time Chamberlain had a wife named Anna but he promptly obtained a divorce to marry Eva. Chamberlain was then 53 years old and Eva was 32.

By the time of Chamberlain's marriage, he had a reputation as a racist writer because of a massive 2 volume screed entitled The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century.

Chamberlain and Eva circa 1915.
Chamberlain and Eva circa 1915.

Chamberlain married Eva Wagner (1876–-1942) in December 1908.

He was also the ghostwriter for Hitler's Mein Kampf which was named after Wagner's autobiography Mein Leben.

The racist writings of Chamberlain and the "music" of Wagner laid the foundation for the Third Reich.


Chamberlain and Eva shortly before his death in 1927.
Chamberlain and Eva shortly
before his death in 1927.

By marrying into the Wagner clan, Chamberlain was able to combine his racist writings with the neo-pagan and Norse mythology of the Wagner operas. It was a potent combination for creating the Third Reich:

Chamberlain never lived to see the Third Reich, but his name is forever associated with it. Few "precursors" acknowledged by the Nazis attained an equal status in the annals of the regime. This self-appointed prophet of Germanism became the subject of a vast array of speeches, articles, radio programs and school lessons. Many of his writings were reissued or anthologized, the dates of his birth and death were marked by solemn tributes in the party press, and a steady flow of doctoral dissertations proclaimed his significance for the creation of a new order in Germany. (Field, Evangelist of Race. The Germanic Visions of Houston Stewart Chamberlain. p. 447).

Siegfried Wagner was conducting the Berlin Philharmonic in 1914 when he first met Winifred Williams.

Winifred Williams married Siegfried Wagner in 1916

Winifred Williams was probably the youngest spy ever recruited by the British secret service. At age 10, she was adopted by an elderly German couple in Berlin.

Winifred Williams was born in Hastings, Sussex, in 1897. Orphaned 2 years later; she was sent to an orphanage, but a distant relative of her mother invited her to Germany for a 6 week vacation.

The vacation lasted for 8 years because the elderly couple named Karl and Henriette Klindworth adopted her.

Karl and Heniette Klindworth
Karl and Heniette Klindworth
with Winifred Williams.

Winifred Williams was the youngest spy ever recruited by the newly formed MI6.

In 1907,10-year-old Winifred was adopted by an elderly German couple.

In 1916, Winifred married 46-year-old Siegfried Wagner.


Winifred Wagner
Winifred Wagner

It was a marriage of convenience only as Siegfried preferred the company of his male friends. The 46-year-old Siegfried was under pressure from his mother Eva to marry and produce heirs.

Siegfried (1869 - 1930) and Winifred were married in 1916.
Siegfried (1869
1930) and Winifred were married in 1916.

As a dutiful wife, Winifred soon produced 4 children to continue the Wagner dynasty: Wolfgang, Verena, Wieland, Friedelind.

After the timely death of Siegfried in 1930, Winifred took complete control of the Bayreuth Festival.

Siegfried's children: (L- R) Wolfgang, Verena, Wieland, Friedelind.
Siegfried's children: (L- R) Wolfgang, Verena, Wieland, Friedelind.

The real love of Winnie's life was Adolf Hitler whom she affectionately called Wolf.

Winnie and Wolf
Winifred first met her fellow agent Adolf in 1919 and they immediately fell in love. They both spoke the same language . . . and they both had the same goal: destruction of the Weimar Republic.

Financing for the newborn Nazi party came from the Bank of England via Switzerland and the Bayreuth Festival was the conduit for the funds. Here is a quote from a biography of Friedelind Wagner:

Hitler became a frequent visitor in our home, so I knew him as only a few people ever knew him, informally, without "stage make-up," as it were. My father laughed about my mother's strange messiah. He, in common with many others, felt that the new self-elected savior didn't have one chance in a million to succeed. It was this one factor that helped Hitler most in his amazing rise to power. No one of importance took him seriously. The guardians of the Versailles Treaty were as successfully lulled to sleep as were the German people. Nobody bothered to stop him because everyone thought that he would presently vanish from the scene. (Wagner, Heritage of Fire, xiii).

Hitler's only qualifications to lead Nazi Germany was the fact that he was Austrian; a British secret service agent, and had unlimited funds from the Bank of England.

Winnie and Wolf sharing
Winnie and Wolf sharing
an intimate moment.

Femme fatale Winnie met Wolf at Bayreuth around 1919.

They became lovers immediately.

When Hitler became chancellor, he had to live in Berlin, but he visited Winnie at Bayreuth at every opportunity.

Winnie and Wolf at the
Winnie and Wolf at the opening of
the Bayreuth Festival in 1937.

Hitler was also very, very close to the 4 Wagner children and he acted as a surrogate father after the timely demise of Siegfried. A marriage to Winnie would have blown his cover as a British agent.

Hitler with Wolfgang and Lieland Wagner.
Adolf Hitler with Wolfgang
and Wieland Wagner.

Hitler was a surrogate father to the Wagner children.

In 1940, Friedelind "escaped" to the U.S. with the help of Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini.

Hitler, Verena, and Friedelind Wagner.
Adolf Hitler with Verena
and Friedelind

When the most destructive war in the history of the world was over, Winnie was arrested and charged with being an accomplice of Hitler.

Winifred Wagner at her trial in 1947.
Winifred Wagner at her de-Nazification
trial in 1947.

Winne was given a "slap on the wrist" for her part in Hitler's rise to power.

The British Secret Service always guarantees their agents a nice retirement, so she survived until 1980.

Winifred Wagner survived
A tough old Nazi: Winifred Wagner
survived all her other agents.

One of the newest weapons that emerged from WWI was the tank and airplane. Group Captain Winterbotham worked closely with Hitler in developing and funding this new form of warfare called blitzkrieg.

Group Captain Winterbotham built the Luftwaffe!!

The MI6 "intelligence officer" who built the Luftwaffe was named Group Captain Frederick William Winterbotham. Winterbotham supervised every aspect of this new air arm which would later terrorize Europe with the Heinkel and Junker heavy bombers . . . and the deadly Stuka dive bombers.

Cover of the book The Nazi Connection.
Cover of the book The Nazi Connection.

F. W. Winterbotham worked closely with fellow spy Adolf Hitler in building the Luftwaffe.

They both spoke the same language, and had the same goals: destruction of Russia.

Winterbotham wrote his memoirs in 1978 entitled The Nazi Connection.

Group Captain Winterbotham (1897 - 1990).
Group Captain Winterbotham (1897

Winterbotham spelled it all out in his tell all memoirs published in 1978:

My activities between 1933 and 1938 were closely connected with the rise of Nazi Germany and the rebirth of her mighty armed forces. Although I may sometimes tell it in a light vein, consistent with the character I assumed for my association with the younger people to match their new-found exuberance, the underlying theme was always in deadly earnest. When the invitation from Rosenberg finally came, I once again discussed the whole matter of this strange adventure with my Chief, who in turn discussed it with Sir Robert Vansittart at the Foreign Office. Both these men throughout the thirties believed in the German menace and permission was therefore granted for me to undertake this somewhat unusual mission. (Winterbotham, The Nazi Connection, p. 44).

In 1934, Winterbotham had an interview with general Walther von Reichenau–one of Hitler's top generals–and he laid out the strategy for a blitzkrieg invasion of Russia:

General Reichenau seemed absolutely certain that they would be able to pull all this off and he now turned to both De Ropp and myself and said, "You see, the whole war in Russia will be over in the early summer. No doubt it will take a good while to mop up the vast Russian forces which have been split up and surrounded." Again I didn't want him to stop, so I looked a little skeptical and said, "well, we've always been taught in our history books that the Russian winter has proved the greatest Russian General. Reichenau put his fist quietly on the table and with great emphasis said, "There will be no Russian winter, it will be a German winter, all our troops will be comfortably and warmly housed in the great cities and towns of the Communists." (Winterbotham, The Nazi Connection, p. 44).

The boastful general Reichenau, who predicted a blitzkrieg victory over Russia, died of a "heart attack" in 1942.

Financing for the buildup of the German armed forces came from the Bank of England, J.P. Morgan, and the Rockefeller owned Ford Motor Company.

Montagu Norman
Montagu Norman

Montagu Norman was governor of the Bank of England from 1920 to 1944.

The vast hoard of gold stolen from the Boers of South Africa was used to finance the Second . . . and the Third Reich.

Even spies have to eat so the private Bank of England is the heart of Gog and Magog.



The Bank of England on Threadneedle Street.
The Bank of England on Threadneedle Street.

The Bank of England is a private bank which lends money to the British government at interest. Its clone in the United States is the Federal Reserve Bank. Unlike the U.S., Britain has a Postal Savings Bank but that bank is not allowed to lend money to its depositors.

Hitler's bizarre racial theories came from Chamberlain and Rosenberg!!

Chamberlain was the ideologue of the Third Reich. His racist tome, The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, was based on the theory of evolution made popular by another British secret agent named Charles Darwin.

Chamberlain was just too British for the Germans, so they needed a man to serve as a front. His name was Alfred Rosenberg, and his book, The Myth of the Twentieth Century, was published in 1934.

Rosenberg's book cover
Rosenberg's book cover
in English.

The Myth of the Twentieth Century was published in Germany in 1934.

The screed was basically a condensation of the massive Chamberlain tome.

The book became the "bible" of the Nazi movement.

Alfred Rosenberg
Alfred Rosenberg

Rosenberg was hanged in 1946. It was feared that he might write a tell all book, so he was silenced because "dead men tell no tales."

In 1880, Civil War general Lew Wallace published his magnum opus entitled Ben-Hur. A Tale of the Christ. Wallace spent 7 years writing the book, and he visited all the places in the Holy Land that are mentioned in the tome.

The book was a phenomenal success, and in 1959 it was made into a blockbuster movie starring Charlton Heston as Ben-Hur. The story mirrors the story of Joseph, who was sold as a slave, and then had a miraculous change of fortune–like an ancient Count of Monte Cristo.

Cover of Ben-Hur book.
Cover of Ben-Hur book.

Lew Wallace wrote a phenomenally successful book about a Jew named Judah Ben-Hur who lived at the time of Christ.

Wallace based his book on the Bible and Jewish historian Flavius Josephus.

Charlton Heston (lacking only a beard and blond hair) was well cast as the Jewish Ben-Hur.


Charlton Heston as Ben-Hur.
Charlton Heston as Ben-Hur.

Hollywood got it right this time but Ben Hur never, never wore a hexagram.

Wallace's book was published in 1880. That was before the advent of the brainwashing Zionist Movement. Many people back then knew that the people who called themselves "Jews" were Turkish Khazars and the synaGOGue of Satan (Rev. 2:13):

Wherever on the land men go, and on the sea ships, the face and figure of the Jew are familiar. The physical type of the race has always been the same; yet there have been some individual variations. "Now he was ruddy, and withal of a beautiful countenance, and goodly to look to." Such was the son of Jesse when brought before Samuel. The fancies of men have been ever since ruled by the description. Poetic license has extended the peculiarities of the ancestor to his notable descendants. So all our ideal Solomons have fair faces, and hair and beard chestnut in the shade, and of the tint of gold in the sun. Such, we are also made believe, were the locks of Absalom the beloved. And, in the absence of authentic history, tradition has dealt no less lovingly by her whom we are now following down to the native city of the ruddy king (Wallace, Ben-Hur. p. 44).

Here is the Scripture that describes the physical characteristics of King David:

And he (Jesse) sent, and brought him in. Now he (David) was RED, and withal of a beautiful countenance, and goodly to look upon. And JEHOVAH said, "arise, anoint him: for this is he." (I Samuel 16:12).

Wallace described the virgin Miriam as a blond blue-eyed maiden:

She was not more than fifteen. Her form, voice, and manner belonged to the period of transition from girlhood. Her face was perfectly oval, her complexion more pale than fair. The nose was faultless; the lips, slightly parted, were full and ripe, giving to the lines of the mouth warmth, tenderness, and trust; the eyes were blue and large, and shaded by drooping lids and long lashes; and, in harmony with all, a flood of golden hair, in the style permitted to Jewish brides, fell unconfined down her back to the pillion on which she sat. (Wallace, Ben-Hur. p. 49.

On his way to the galleys, Ben-Hur met the Messiah, and this is how Wallace described his physical appearance:

The hand laid kindly upon his shoulder awoke the unfortunate Judah, and, looking up, he saw a face he never forgot–the face of a boy about his own age, shaded by locks of yellowish bright chestnut hair; a face lighted by dark-blue eyes, at the time so soft, so appealing, so full of love and holy purpose, that they had all the power of command and will. The spirit of the Jew, hardened though it was by days and nights of suffering, and so embittered by wrong that its dreams of revenge took in all the world, melted under the stranger's look, and became as a child's. He put his lips to the pitcher, and drank long and deep. (Wallace, Ben-Hur. pp. 131-132).

The ancient Jews were also a master race because they worshipped JEHOVAH; had a special diet, worked with their hands, rested 1 day out of 7, and refrained from drinking alcohol which causes birth defects.

Can you picture the Germans giving up their BEER to become a master race???
Composer Eric Maschwitz composed the Holohoax photos!!

A special branch of the British secret service was devoted to producing German "atrocities" against "Jews."

Holohoax pictures were produced by
Holohoax pictures were produced by
composer Eric Maschwitz in Canada.

Composer Eric Maschwitz headed a special studio in Canada that produced German atrocity photos against "Jews."

The doctored photos would be used later to justify the existence of the British Empire state of "Israel."



We are supposed to believe that these people were "Jews"
We are supposed to believe that these people were "Jews." .

One area that the British secret service has always excelled in is FORGERY. Their forgeries looked so authentic that even the "experts" in Washington City were fooled:

One of Bryce's trial maps was immediately given over to Station M, the BSC's technical facilities in Canada, where Eric Maschwitz ran a chemical laboratory and photograph studio, and had the ability to fabricate images, such as atrocity pictures, and to "reprint faultlessly the imprint of any typewriter on earth." Forty-eight hours later Maschwitz and his team of experts had created an authentic-looking German map, slightly worn and discolored from frequent use, which, Bryce marveled, even "the Reich's chief mapmakers for the German High Command would be prepared to swear was made by them." (Conant, The Irregulars: Roald Dahl and the British Spy Ring in Wartime Washington, p. 94).

There was an authentic Holocaust but it happened on the Eastern Front, where 27 million Russians were killed by the Nazis. The Allied bombing raids on German cities also produced hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties. These dead civilians were also used to produce Holohoax concentration camp victims!!

British agent Adolf retired to Argentina!!

As an agent-in-training, Adolph would have learned about the retirement of Napoleon Bonaparte on the island of Saint Helena.

He would also have learned about another notorious agent named John Wilkes Booth who shaved off his mustache and escaped.

The Berghof, Argentina.
The Berghof, Argentina.

The British Secret Service has always taken good care of their agents.

Napoleon Bonaparte had a peaceful retirement on the island of St. Helena, and John Wilkes Booth shaved off his mustache and escaped.

The operation to rescue Adolf and Eva was called Operation James Bond and it was led by Ian Fleming.

Hitler without his infamous moustache.
Hitler sans his infamous moustache.

Hitler spent his last days in safely hidden away in the Berghof in Argentina. He went to meet his Maker in 1962. Although Hitler is gone, his legacy lives on in the 1933 Vatican Concordat; the deadly "special relationship" with the United States, and NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization).

We must not forget the Holohoax–the most diabolical of all deceptions–that led to the creation of the smokescreen British state of "Israel."

The great Prophet Isaiah predicted that the United States of Israel would be comprised of people of all races:

And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of JEHOVAH's house shall be established on the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow into it (Isaiah 2:2).

The tiny state of Israel, inhabited by blond, blue eyed people, was destroyed completely by the Romans . . . never to rise again. The last days Israel is the United States and it only fulfills the great prophecies of the Bible:

He (Messiah) shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river (Mississippi) unto the ends of the earth (Psalm 72:8).

Vital Links

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