Eugenio Pacelli became Pope Pius XII in March 1939. That was during the deadliest conflict in the entire history of the world. Even though Pacelli was born in Roma, no genuine Roman would ever tolerate a king in the City of the Twins . . . and Triplets!!

Pope Pius XII wearing the triple
crown in Roma!!

On October 9, 1958, imperious Pope Pius XII was sent to St. Peter.

La Popessa prepared all the food for the Pope so the poison must have been slipped into the communion cup during mass.

Obviously, the "miracle" of transubstantiation did not work that time.


A very fit looking Pius taking a brisk walk in Castel Gondolfo, Oct. 1958.
A very fit looking Pius XII taking a brisk
walk in Castel Gandolfo, Oct. 1958.

To many people in the United States, Pope XII was known as "Hitler's Pope," so he had to go if Kennedy the Catholic had any chance of becoming President. The man chosen to replace him was named Angelo Roncalli. When Eva Perón visited Paris in July 1947, she was "blessed" by the cardinal in Notre Dame Cathedral.

Cardinal Roncalli and Eva Perón in
Notre Dame Cathedral, July 1947.

In October 1958, the Jesuits chose a smiling, rotund, "jovial" Cardinal Angelo Roncalli to replace the lean, austere, "aristocratic" Eugenio Pacelli.

Cardinal Spellman's connection to Pius XII was a liability during the 1960 U.S. Presidential election, so John F. Kennedy avoided the Powerhouse on Comeonwealth Avenue, in NYC.

Cardinal Spellman called Roncalli a "banana salesman," but others said he reminded them of a "nothing to dread" Santa Claus.

Pope John XXIII.
"Jovial" John XXIII.
Pope from Oct. '58 to '63.

It was not by accident that Roncalli chose the name JOHN. That was to associate him with John F. Kennedy in the United States and ease Kennedy's way into the White House.

Vice President Richard Nixon was supposed to be President in 1960

In 1960, Richard Nixon was supposed to be elected the 35th President of the United States. Nixon was Vice President under President Eisenhower for 8 years and served his long apprenticeship very, very well. The country prospered greatly during the Eisenhower Administration and Nixon would have continued the peaceful policies of his predecessor. Nixon was not an ambitious or power hungry man as he did not try to replace his boss at any time during his Presidency.

The 2 Republican candidates on the same ticket were Richard Nixon and Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. The 2 Democrats were John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. It was definitely not one man one vote, even though the U.S. Constitution calls for separate votes for President and Vice President:

The PERSON having the greatest Number of votes for President, shall be the President. The PERSON having the greatest number of votes as Vice-President, shall be the Vice-President. (Twelfth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution).

The Amendment calling for separate votes for President and Vice President in the Electoral College was ratified on September 25, 1804. To get around the provisions of that Amendment, political parties were born, and the President and Vice President were placed on the same ballot. Under that system, there was no way of knowing which candidate received the most popular votes.

1960 Nixon-Lodge campaign button.

2 men of such dissimilar backgrounds as Johnson and Kennedy could not have been found in any country.

Kennedy was the playboy son of a multimillionaire from Massachusetts and Johnson was a Confederate from Texas.

Johnson's exemplars were Juan Perón of Argentina, Fidel Castro of Cuba, and François "Papa Doc" Duvalier—military dictator and President for Life of the "Republic" of Haiti.


1960 Kennedy-Johnson banner.

If Kennedy and Johnson were on separate tickets, only Texans would vote for Johnson, so how could he become Vice President of the entire country? The position of Vice President is just a doorway for an "ambitious man" to replace the President without an election. Nelson Rockefeller used that position to almost steal the Presidency in 1974.

Women voted for Kennedy because he looked better than Nixon on TV

The famous Nixon-Kennedy debates on TV were the first of a kind in a Presidential race. As far as looks were concerned, Nixon could not compete with Kennedy As far as brains and diplomatic experience was concerned, it was no contest.

Vice President Nixon looked haggard
and ill at ease on TV.

The Nixon-Kennedy debates took place in October 1960.

Vice President Nixon was just recovering from a very serious "accident" and looked disheveled on TV.

On the other hand, Kennedy was telegenic, and looked much more relaxed and confident.



Kennedy looked relaxed and
confident on TV.

Altogether, there were 4 debates watched by over 70 million people. Little did the women voters realize that Kennedy in the White House almost meant the last time they would ever vote in a Presidential election.

In another bizarre turn of events, Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested for driving without a license and given 4 months hard labor prison time. Martin Luther King Jr., was named after Saint Martin Luther. Can you imagine a Jesuit priest helping Saint Martin Luther to get out of prison?

On Oct. 25, 1960, Martin Luther King, Jr. was
arrested and given 4 months in the
Georgia State Prison.

On Oct. 25, Martin Luther King Jr. was sentenced to 4 months hard labor in prison for driving without a license!!

A phone called from Senator Kennedy secured his release just 2 days later.

Before that time, most blacks were going to vote for Republican Richard Nixon. After that "incident," they switched to Kennedy!!


Martin Luther King, Jr. being interviewed by WSB-TV reporter after leaving the Georgia State Prison at Reidsville, Oct 27, 1960.

King returned home in triumph after his release from prison. Here is a quote from a biography of King:

The motorcade started up again and bore King to Ebenezer Church, where eight hundred people greeted him with songs and prayers. " I am deeply indebted to Senator Kennedy, who served as a great force in making my release possible," King had told reporters. "It took a lot of courage for Senator Kennedy to do this, especially in Georgia. For him to be that courageous shows that he is really acting upon principle and not upon expediency." He informed his people that "I never intend to reject a man running for President of the United States just because he is a Catholic—a reference to his father, who opposed Kennedy strictly on religious grounds. (Oates, Let the Trumpet Sound, p. 165).

The Republican Party was the party of President Lincoln. The Democrats were pro-slavery during the Civil War. Most blacks were definitely pro-Nixon before the providential arrest of Martin Luther King Jr.

Little did the people realize that King was a dyed-in-the-wool Jesuit, and the whole arrest and release was just contrived to help Kennedy reach the White House. The election of 1960 was one of the most corrupt to ever take place in the United States. To this day, nobody really knows who really won the most critical election in the country's history.

President Kennedy made a lightning visit to his ex-boss Macmillan in June 1963

Prior to the Cuban Missile Crisis, Harold and Jack were very close indeed. Harold Macmillan presided over a U.S. Cabinet Meeting.

President Kennedy and prime minister Macmillian at the White House.
President Kennedy and Prime Minister Macmillan at the White House.

Incredibly, Macmillan presided over a U.S. Cabinet Meeting in April 1962.

The main topic of discussion was the coordination of Curtis LeMay's SAC with British Bomber Command.

It would have been more honest if Macmillan and Kennedy had switched residences!!

Harold and Jackie, "Jane Bond," were
very, very close friends.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, British prime minister Harold Macmillan played the music, while Kennedy turned the sheets. The Crisis almost led to the extinction of the entire human race from radiation poisoning. President Kennedy was very, very upset with Macmillan over the Penkovsky affair, and that big betrayal definitely ended their "special relationship."

In June 1963, President Kennedy made his last trip to Europe. He visited Berlin (ich ben ein Berliner), and then a 4-day tour of his ancestors' homeland.

Secret Service agents swarmed over Birch Grove,
the country mansion of Prime Minister Macmillan.

After spending 4 days in Ireland, Kennedy made a lightning 24-hour visit to Birch Grove.

He arrived via helicopter on Saturday afternoon and left on Sunday afternoon.

Kennedy was definitely disgusted with his ex-boss and it showed by the brevity of his visit.


Prime Minister Macmillan and President
Kennedy at Birch Grove, June 30, 1963.

President Kennedy began to see that the Russians were more to the trusted than "Uncle Harold," so he proposed a treaty banning nuclear testing in the atmosphere, outer space, and under water. That treaty, called the Partial Test Ban Treaty, formally went into effect in October 1963. Hiring Robert McNamara as defense secretary, and the ban on nuclear testing, were the only 2 good ideas to come out of the entire Kennedy Administration.

That very brief visit was the last time that Macmillan and Kennedy met. What Kennedy never knew was that the prime minister was still a very dangerous man because he had a secret agent in the very White House.

After the lightning visit to Macmillan's country estate, he left for Italy, and then returned home. Jackie was not with him on that tour and that is why he returned home alive!!

Prime Minister Macmillan suddenly became sick just before Kennedy's assassination!

Just before the Kennedy assassination, a lot of things were happening in the life of Prime Minister Macmillan. His doctor suddenly diagnosed him with "prostate cancer" and advised him to enter the hospital for an operation. The prime minister gladly complied with his doctor's advice.

Lilibet leaving King Edward VII Hospital
after visiting Macmillan, Oct. 18, 1963.

On October 10, 1963, "Supermac" suddenly entered King Edward VII Hospital for a "prostate" operation.

Lilibet visited him in the hospital, and Macmillan told the queen that he wanted his close friend and fellow conspirator, Sir Alex Douglas-Home, to succeed him.

Douglas-Home was given the unpleasant task of attending the President's funeral in Washington City.

Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home (19031995).

Amazingly, Harold recuperated from his "illness" very well, and "Supermac" was never sick again until he went to meet his Maker in 1986. Before the Lincoln assassination, the British ambassador to Washington City suddenly became ill and had to return home.

The Pink Panther had a new hairstyle for the assassination!

The coup plotters left nothing to chance on November 22. Even Jackie's hairstyle was changed to give her a better view to a kill.

Prior to the assassination, Jackie always parted her hair on the right side.

No detail was too small for the Thermonuclear Plotters to overlook.

The color of the Pink Panther's wardrobe, her white gloves, and her hairstyle were carefully chosen in advance.

Parting her hair on the left, and removing her sunglasses, gave her a better view to a kill.


The Pink Panther's new hairstyle
for the assassination.

Her hat must have been GLUED to her head, or held on by some CIA designed fastener, because it stayed on her head when she leaped from her seat. Jackie also removed her sunglasses as the limo approached Dealey Plaza.  

The Warren Commission said that 3 shots were fired at the President!

The Warren Commission got it right when it said that 3 shots were fired at the President . . . but they didn't come from "Lee Harvey Oswald."

Roy Kellerman
Roy Killerman

As the limousine entered Dealey Plaza, Secret Service driver William Greer slowed down almost to a crawl.

Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman turned around and shot the President in the throat.

That shot literally severed his spinal cord and he slumped over to the left. Then Jackie shot him behind his left ear.




Jackie shooting Jack with the small pistol
hidden inside her Lambchop puppet.

After the 2 shots were fired, Jackie leaped on to the back of the limousine, and that was the signal for Clint Hill to join her in the back seat.

Jackie's leap was the signal for Clint Hill
Jackie's leap was the signal for Clint Hill
to join her in the back seat.

Thanks to her panther eyes, the "Pink Panther's" peripheral vision was extraordinary!!

After the pistol shot to her husband's head, she leaped out of her seat on to the back of the limousine.

That was the signal for SS agent Clint Hill to join her in the back seat.


SS agent Clint Hill was joining Jackie
to finish off the President in the tunnel.

The 3rd shot, or shots, came from Clint Hill's .38 revolver in the tunnel.

The plot required the President to be dead instantly. With one or 2 shots from Clint Hill's .38 caliber revolver, President Kennedy was definitely dead when he arrived at Parkland Hospital. The trauma doctors did go through the motions of trying to revive him . . . but it was hopeless....Unlike President Lincoln, he did not survive another 9 hours.

A Russian saved the world in October 1963 . . . and the U.S. Republic in November 1963

It seems that the mighty Russian nation was raised up specifically to save Christian civilization. Russia saved us from Napoleon, the "Dead Head" Kaiser Bill, Hitler, the British Empire, the Pentagon etc., etc. Prime minister Harold Macmillan was too proud to tell the warmongers in Washington City that Penkovsky was arrested and the Russian Samson Option was still viable.

Vasili Arkhipov

A Russian submarine, under the command of Valentin Savitsky, was under fire from the American navy, and the captain readied a nuclear torpedo to sink his tormentors.

Arming the torpedo required the consent of 3 officers: Captain Savisky, Vadim Orlov, and Vasili Arkhipov.

Vasili refused his consent, the nuclear torpedo could not be armed, and Armageddon was postponed!!


Russian submarine B-59, surfacing
under fire, October 27, 1962.

The alleged assassin of President Kennedy was actually from Minsk, in present day Belarus. Minsk lies at the center of the fault line between the Latin Church and Russian Orthodoxy. Minsk was once part of the vast Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth but was annexed to the Russian Empire in 1793.

The 24-year-old "Lee Harvey Oswald."
Oleg von Mohrenschildt.

On November 22, Oleg von Mohrenschild aka "Lee Harvey Oswald" was sitting in the Texas Theater waiting for Jack "Moneybags" Rubenstein to give him some cash.

Suddenly officer Maurice McDonald entered the theater with his pistol locked and loaded.

Oleg was supposed to panic and run for the exit. Instead, he kept a cool head while McDonald tried his best to kill him in the theater.


Officer Maurice McDonald

By taking Oleg alive, the entire coup d'etat was a miserable failure, because Lyndon Johnson was waiting to blame the Russians for the assassination of the President.

The exterior of the Presidential jet as designed by Loewy. President Kennedy should have flown to Dallas on
his usual Boeing 137C jet.

The planes were painted to look alike and "Lee Harvey Oswald" didn't sneak into the hangar and do it!!

President Kennedy's Dallas plane was a Boeing 137A,
painted to look like a Boeing 137C.
It was an
airborne command and control center.

Around 2:30 p.m., Lyndon Johnson was already on Air Force One. He was quickly sworn in and promised to be a faithful military "Dictator for Life."

Johnson was sworn in with his
Johnson's swore on President Kennedy's
missal to be a faithful Papal crusader
for the rest of his life.

After Johnson was sworn in and promised to be a faithful military "Dictator for Life," he waited impatiently for the "good news" that "Lee Harvey Oswald" was dead.

Once that news arrived, Johnson would have given the OK to Castro and Che to fire a Soviet SS4 missile, equipped with a thermonuclear warhead from Bariloche, at Washington City.



Castro and Che were on standby in Cuba
ready to fire a thermonuclear missile at Washington City.

We can thank out great JEHOVAH that Oleg von Mohrenschildt did not lose his cool and officer McDonald had to take him alive. Johnson had many, many enemies in the capital, especially attorney general Robert Kennedy. He would have been delighted to get rid of them all and set up his military HQ in another location.

Lyndon Johnson planned on "decapitating" the entire U.S. government in Washington City!!

Lyndon "Guy Fawkes" Johnson planned on "decapitating" the entire U.S. government with a "big bang" version of the 1605 Gunpowder Plot. Instead of gunpowder, he planned on using a small thermonuclear missile fired from Cuba. Naturally, he would blame it all on the Russians.

Getting rid of President Kennedy was only the first stage in his military coup d'etat. Getting rid of his supporters was the next step. J. Edgar Hoover and his FBI (Federal Bureau of Inquisition), kept a list of all those in Washington who supported or opposed the death of the Republic.

Johnson warned all his supporters in the Kennedy Administration to avoid the city on that momentous day.

Dean Rusk (19091994), President
Kennedy's Secretary of State.

November 22 was to be Guy Fawkes Day in the U.S.

Johnson warned his supporters in the Kennedy Administration to avoid the city on that day.

One of the most notable was Dean Rusk, the President's own Secretary of State, and Press Secretary Pierre Salinger, who always stuck like glue to the President on all his previous trips.


Pierre Salinger (19252004), President
Kennedy's Press Secretary.

Kennedy's Cabinet were on their way to Asia when they heard the "sad news" that their boss was dead. On their way back to Washington City, Judas Salinger and his fellow traitors played a game of POKER:

Somebody, I don't know who, suggested we have a poker game to pass the time. It was certainly the most bizarre poker game I have ever been in. We played for table stakes. People threw money around as if it were worth nothing. There was none of the joking and asides that one usually finds in a poker game. There was only dead-serious betting in hushed voices. (Salinger, With Kennedy, p. 9).

Their plane touched down at Andrews Air Force Base at 12:31 A.M. the following morning. To their great disappointment, the city was still standing.

Confederate Johnson would have shed few tears at the destruction of the city, as he planned on making Richmond, Virginia, the rebel capital once again.

Defense Secretary Robert McNamara was also in Washington City at that time.

The Cabinet members who were warned to
stay away from Washington City returned
on the night of Nov. 22.

Kennedy's Cabinet were on their way to Asia when they heard the "sad news" that their boss was dead.

Their plane turned around and headed back home, reaching Washington on the evening of Nov. 22.

To their great disappointment, the city was still standing.


Washington City was Ground Zero
on November 22, 1963.

The Cabinet members who providentially avoided Washington City were: Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Treasury Secretary C. Douglas Dillon, Agriculture Secretary Orville Freeman, Interior Secretary Stewart Udall, Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Walter Heller, Treasury Undersecretary Henry Fowler, and other officials and spouses.

President Kennedy's children were also in Washington City at that time but Jackie never cared much for President Kennedy . . . or his children.

With Washington City destroyed, it would have been the perfect opportunity for Johnson to declare himself military "Dictator for Life." Military men have never liked taking orders from civilians, so the Cold War would have turned red hot once again.

It was ironic that the U.S. Thermonuclear Plot was to take place on the 100th anniversary of President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

London is the home of the twins Gog and Magog!

Londinium, or London as it is now called, was founded by the Romans in 43 AD. Ironically, Roma was founded by the twins Romulus and Remus. Gog and Magog are associated with Armageddon in the Holy Bible (Revelation Chapter 20).

Gog and Magog on parade.
Gog and Magog on parade.

Modern day Goliaths pulled through the streets of the City of London.

The Twins have always been recognized at the protectors of the City.

Goliath of Gath had a twin brother named Magiath.

David killed the giant Goliath but he had
a twin brother named Magiath.

The shepherd boy David killed the giant Goliath with a sling and a stone:

And it came to pass, when the Philistine arose and came and drew near to meet David, that David hurried and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine. Then David put his hand in his bag and took out a stone; and he slung it and struck the Philistine in his forehead, so that the stone sank into his forehead, and he fell on his face to the earth. So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone, and struck the Philistine and killed him (I Samuel 17:48-50).

However, Goliath had a twin brother, and he was just as big and fearsome as his brother Goliath:

Again there was war at Gob (gobsmacked) with the Philistines, where Elhanan the son of Jaare-Oregim the Bethlehemite killed the brother of Goliath the Gittite, the shaft of whose spear was like a weaver’s beam (II Samuel 21:19).

In these last days, Our Heavenly David wants all true believers to be SLINGSHOTS FOR CHRIST!!

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