President Ford—the miracle President!!

In memoriam.

President Gerald Ford (1913-2006).

President Gerald Ford (1913-2006).

(President of the U.S. from '74 to '77).

On Dec. 26, 2006, at the ripe old age of 93, President Gerald Ford went to meet his Maker. It was a miracle that he lived this long because Nelson Rockefeller tried to assassinate him several times while Rockefeller was serving as his Vice President.

When Richard Nixon ran for President in 1968, he would not appoint Nelson Rockefeller as his Vice President but appointed Spiro Agnew instead. As a result, both Spiro Agnew and President Nixon were forced to resign over so-called scandals and that led to the appointment of Ford as President in 1974.

President Ford did not seek to be President but the recently passed 25th Amendment to the Constitution allowed President Nixon to APPOINT his Vice President. Gerald Ford was the man Nixon chose to fill the vacant position of Vice President.

Immediately after Ford assumed the Presidency after the resignation of Nixon, the new President appointed Nelson Rockefeller as his Vice President. This was an almost fatal move on the new President's behalf because Rockefeller was interested in only one position: President of the United States.

President Ford had a TARGET on his back after making Nelson Rockefeller his Vice President!!

Had Nelson succeeded in assassinating President Ford, Rockefeller would have been President BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!!

Rockefeller would have most certainly started World War III with the Soviet Union. His Twin Towers were just completed and it would have been very easy to put some "commies" on airplanes and crash them into his buildings.

911 would have happened something during the Presidency of Rockefeller instead of during the Presidency of George W. Bush.

Thank God that he preserved the life of President Ford and foiled the plans of evil men until all the people have heard the Gospel of Christ.

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