It should not astonish US that Hitler was so evil because Holy Scripture refers to women rulers as Jezebels and WITCHES (Nahum 3:4, Revelation 2:20, 17:5). King Henry VIII was absolutely correct when he predicted that female sovereigns would be a disaster for England!!

In 1861, Albert, the prince consort of Queen Victoria, was poisoned after he averted a war between Britain and the United States. The prince consort made powerful enemies in the British Parliament because of his opposition to the Crimean War and British intervention in the U.S. Civil War.

John Brown
John Brown

After a short period of "mourning" for her beloved Albert, Queen Victoria soon found a new love.

His name was John Brown–the Scottish Rasputin.

In 1868, the loving couple found it necessary to make a top secret trip to the British Crown Colony of Switzerland.

Queen Victoria in 1868, before her weight reduction program.
Queen Victoria in 1868, before her
top secret Swiss vacation.

Accompanying her were her physician, Dr. William Jenner, and 4 of her children. Her lover John Brown also accompanied her on the trip as her equerry.

The queen's vacation was all arranged by Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. "Dizzy" was the real "Father" of the counterfeit state of "Israel" and he had many relatives named Hittler or Hitler in Switzerland and Austria. Only after Hitler's defeat in WWII has the name become disreputable.

Benjamin Disraeli
Benjamin Disraeli


Benjamin Disraeli was prime minister during the queen's visit to Switzerland.

The queen referred to him affectionately as "Dizzy" and he arranged the top secret "vacation."

Dr. William Jenner was the queen's personal physician and he assisted at the birth of the "Prince of Switzerland."

Dr. William Jenner
Dr. William Jenner

Switzerland has been a British Crown Colony since at least 1600. It was the ideal place for the couple to have their baby as discretion has always been the watchword of that colony.

The queen left Osborne House in the Isle of Wight on August 5 and crossed via yacht to Cherbourg, France. Emperor Napoleon III provided his special saloon train to take her to Paris. After a brief stopover in Paris, she arrived in Lucerne, Switzerland, on August 7.

The Furka Inn today.
The Furka Inn today.

Queen Victoria's Swiss son was born on August 24the anniversary of the St. Bart's Day Massacre.

The "Prince of Switzerland" was born in the high altitude Furka Inn.

Benjamin Disraeli's many relatives among the "Jewish" Rothschilds, Hapsburgs, and Hitlers took care of the baby's adoption.



No image exists of
"Prince of Switzerland."

There is no record that the baby was taken back to Britain when the queen returned home on September 11, 1868. Benjamin Disraeli was especially close to the Rothschilds who financed the theft of the Suez Canal from France.

Alois Hitler was the surrogate father of baby Adolf!!

The original family name of surrogate father Alois was Schicklgruber, but he changed the name to the "Jewish" name Hitler in 1876.

Close-up of the Hittler headstone.
Close-up of the Hittler headstone.

The name Hittler or Hitler was a very popular "Jewish" name prior to World War II.

A "Jew" named Adolf Hittler (1832–1892) is buried in a graveyard in Bucharest.

Alois Schicklgruber changed his name to the "Jewish" name Hitler in 1876.

Tombstone of Adolf Hittler in a "Jewish" cemetery in Bucharest.
Tombstone of Adolf Hittler in a
"Jewish" cemetery in Bucharest.

The genealogy of Hitler's surrogate father is very confusing:

The unusual and rather curious name of Hitler occurs more frequently among eastern Jews than among Germans, and particularly in Galicia, Bukovina, Roumania and Poland. We are not justified, however, in taking this as proof of a "Jewish grandmother" of Adolf Hitler, no matter how many Abraham Hitlers, Herz Hitlers, or Esther Hitlers lived in Polna in Moravia and migrated thence to Vienna. No credible connection has so far been proved. A Leopold Hitler, who was baptized in Vienna and assumed the name Ignaz, was born in 1814. That he, at sixteen years of age, should have been the father of Johanna Hitler, born at Spital in 1830, is, to say the least of it, very doubtful, although it might explain the sudden appearance of the name of Hitler instead of the hitherto customary Hiedler. (Heiden, Hitler: A Biography, p. 9).

Alois Hitler (a Paul von Hindenburg lookalike) was a 48-year-old customs inspector when he married for the third time. Klara was his housekeeper and "kissin' cousin" so the marriage was illegal under divine and Austrian law.

Alois Hitler (1837 - 1903).
Alois Hitler

In 1885, 48-year-old Alois Hitler married 25-year-old Klara Pƶlzl.

The couple were second cousins so the marriage was prohibited by the Bible and Austrian law.

For a substantial fee, a special dispensation or license to sin was obtained from Pope Pius IX.

Klara Hitler
Klara Hitler

The results of such diabolical inbreeding can be seen in the first 3 siblings of Alois and Klara. Before the birth of Adolf, Klara gave birth to 3 children, who died in infancy:

Date of Birth
Date of death
May 17, 1885
Dec. 8, 1886
September 25, 1886
Jan. 2, 1887

Within 3 years of their consanguineous marriage, all 3 of their children were dead. The "Prince of Switzerland" came to her rescue however and the next baby survived. By 1889, the Swiss son of Queen Victoria was 21-years-old.

Baby Adolf.
Baby Adolf.

Baby Adolf was born on April 20, 1889.

Femme fatale Klara Hitler was the real mother of the monster and the "Prince of Switzerland" was his real father.

Descent from Queen Victoria marked him out as "special" from the day of his birth.


Klara Hitler.
Klara Hitler.

After the birth of Adolf, Alois had no more money troubles. As Adolf was growing up there was absolutely nothing special that distinguished him in any way intellectually from his peers.

No image of Edmund Hitler exists.

After the birth of Adolf, another baby appeared 4 years later named Edmund.

That baby only survived 6 years.

Paula appeared in 1896, and she looked like her mother Klara and step-sister Angela.


Paula Hitler
Paula Hitler

Paula stayed out of politics and never commented on her brother's true background. That was how she miraculously survived to her 64th year. There is evidence that Adolf assumed the identity of his dead brother while be resided in Britain and also to avoid conscription in Austria.

Queen Victoria sent Chamberlain to oversee the education of grandson Adolf!!

Like a mother hen, Queen Victoria kept a watchful oversight on all her brood . . . and their offspring. When Adolf was born, she dispatched "Mr. British Empire," Houston Stewart Chamberlain, to oversee his education.

Hitler (top row center) as a 10-year-old primary school boy at Leonding.
Hitler (top row center) as a 10-year-old primary school boy at Leonding.

Queen Victoria was very concerned about the education of her grandson Adolf.

In 1889, she dispatched Houston Stewart Chamberlain to oversee his education.

Adolf had no higher IQ than the other boys in his class, but it is not brains . . . but genes . . . that count in the monarchical system.


Chamberlain in Vienna in 1889.
Houston Stewart Chamberlain

Houston Stewart Chamberlain arrived in Vienna in 1889 for the express purpose of overseeing Adolf's training:

After searching for a month, Chamberlain found a large, quiet apartment at 1 Blumelgasse, in the Mariahilf quarter to the southwest of the town center, on a high floor overlooking the Esterhazy park. This flat was to be his home for the next two decades. He enrolled in the university at once and began attending lectures in the new neo-Renaissance building on the Ringstrasse, not far from the parliament. He quickly became acquainted with Wiesner, who later recorded his first impressions of this rather intense English student. (Field, Evangelist of Race. The Germanic Visions of Houston Stewart Chamberlain. p. 95).

Austria was the most reactionary country on the face of the earth. The Austrian Hapsburgs were the bulwark of the Papacy for over 1,000 years, and they were still smarting from the loss of the Papal States. "Intense" is a mild word to describe Chamberlain, who was a fanatical believer in the divine right of the British Empire to rule the world. Chamberlain prepared Hitler well for his future role by giving him a thorough grounding in English:

In his highly subjective book, Adolf Hitler aus dem Leben dargestellt, Hans Severus Ziegler, a fluent English speaker, who had known Hitler personally for more than twenty years, writes: 'One would not expect a student of English, even after several terms at university, to have as good a knowledge of the language as Hitler.' In view of his intellectual attainments it is not surprising that he should have sometimes discussed, and this in some detail, the spirit and structure of English, French and Italian. For instance on 7 March 1942, when considering the relative merits of German, English and Italian, he remarked that English,'though the simplest and clearest in expression and at the same time the most masculine in tone', did not lend itself to the expression of generalities and abstract ideas; Italian, on the other hand, was a musician's language which sounded 'marvellous phonetically' but in translation was apt to prove 'mere froth'. Of Mussolini he said that he spoke beautiful Italian, better even than his own German.(Maser, Hitler: Legend, Myth and Reality, pp. 186-187).

It seems like Chamberlain did his teaching job very well and Adolf was good at subjects that interested him.

Watercolor of a Scottish
loch by Queen Victoria.

Hitler did excel at one subject: drawing and painting.

Like his grandma Victoria and cousin Winston Churchill, Adolf was a fairly good artist.

Adolf was also a very good actor.

Hitler's painting The Courtyard of the Old Residency in Munich, 1914.
Hitler's painting: The Courtyard of the
Old Residency
in Munich, 1914.

If the Axis of Evil had won WWII, Hitler's watercolors would be more

King Edward VII invited "Edmund" Hitler to join the family in London!!

From the fall of 1908 to his reemergence in Munich in 1913, Hitler seems to have vanished from off the face of the earth. There are absolutely no pictures or records of him during that period. The Austro-Hungarian army conscripted all males at age 21, so by law Hitler had to register for the draft at age 20, or face a fine and imprisonment.

The most likely explanation is that Adolf assumed the identity of his dead brother Edmund and traveled to Britain under that name.

King Edward VII reigned
King Edward VII reigned
from 1901 until 1910.

When "Edmund" Hitler arrived in London, the first business of the king was to introduce him to his numerous relatives.

First on the list was Winston, who was very, very busy planning the German conquests of France and Russia.

The biggest event to happen during his stay in Britain was the funeral of Winston's real father, and the coronation of King George V.


Winston Churchill in 1911.
Winston Churchill
in 1911.

Hitler arrived in Britain with his step-brother Alois. Alois was not "royal" so he found a job as a waiter at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, Ireland.

Where "Edmund" Hitler stayed during his time in Britain is a big mystery. As cousin Winston briefed him on his role in the upcoming war, they must have spent a lot of time together.

Chartwell Manor in Kent was the home of the Churchills and its remote

"Edmund" Hitler left Britain for Munich in 1913

His training completed, "Edmund" said "goodbye" to his Hanover cousins in May of 1913. He dropped the English named Edmund (rich protector) and resumed using his original name. When World War I started a year later, he enrolled in a Bavarian regiment.

Adolf Hitler as a "courier."
Adolf Hitler as a "courier."
"Edmund" left Britain for Munich in May of 1913 and he reverted to his original name because the Austrian secret police soon found the "missing Adolf" and charged him with draft evasion.

A few substantial bribes took care of that problem.

A year later he enlisted in a Bavarian regiment.

Hitler decorated with the Iron cross.
Hitler decorated with
the Iron Cross.

His half-brother, Alois Jr., moved to Berlin a year later with wife Bridget and son Patrick left behind in Liverpool. Alois Jr. faked his own death in order to marry another woman.

"Courier" is just another word for spy. Hitler spent most of the war in regimental HQ, far to the rear. His iron cross for "bravery" was fake too, but it helped his rise to power as German Führer. Hitler's career is a classic example of how "royals" succeed in politics without really trying.

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