President Jackson's parents were born in Carrickfergus, County Antrim, Ireland. His parents emigrated to British America in 1765. If his parents had waited 2 more years, President Jackson would have been born in Ireland....He was one of the greatest sons of Saint Patrick that ever lived....Without a doubt he was the DAVID of the New Jerusalem!

General Jackson was a CITIZEN soldier—no West Point Military Academy for him....The brave army that fought by his side and saved the New Jerusalem were CITIZEN soldiers. They were the ARMED PEOPLE, or MILITIA of the New Jerusalem, whose right to bear arms shall NOT be infringed. (2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution).

The Jacobite British invaders were veterans of the Napoleonic Wars and the best trained army in the world. During the invasion, the Jacobites had spies everywhere. One of them, general David Morgan, commanded the troops on the west bank of the Mississippi River.

Andrew Jackson (1767–1845). President from
1829 to 1837.

By December 12, 1814, a huge British armada, under the command of Sir Alexander Cochrane, with more than 18,000 soldiers and sailors aboard had anchored in the Gulf of Mexico east of Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Borgne.

Only the New Jerusalem DAVID stood in the way of that GOLIATH (I Samuel 17:4).

The Battle of New Orleans on January 8, 1815.
Jackson commanding at the Battle
of New Orleans, January 8, 1815.

The New Jerusalem David was so THIN that a hired assassin named Dickinson missed his heart by inches in a duel!

Prior to the attempted conquest of New Orleans, the Jacobites turned the temporary capital of Washington City into a smoking ruin!

The Jacobites burning the White House,
August 24, 1814.

The Jacobites returned with a vengeance in 1814.

By that time Edward James "Stuart" was 28-years-old, and ready to assume the throne of the new Catholic superpower in the New World.

He would have reigned as "Holy Roman" emperor in Philadelphia or New York.


The burned out White House
after the Jacobite invasion.

The temporary capital on the Potomac River, between Maryland and Virginia, was located on a malarial SWAMP, and definitely not a suitable capital for the future "Holy Roman" empire.

Map of the New World in 1814.
Map of the New World
in 1814.

By 1814, the political situation was perfect for the creation of a Catholic superpower in the New World.

The most obvious name of the empire was "Holy Roman," because the European "Holy Roman" empire was dissolved by Napoleon "Apollyon" Bonaparte in 1806.


Proposed New World map in 1815 with
a Stuart as "Holy Roman" emperor.

Millions of people perished during the Napoleonic Wars, which lasted from 1803 to 1815. King George III refused to die, and Prime Minister Spencer Perceval was assassinated in the very Houses of Parliament.

Christian Prime Minister was assassinated just before the war began!!

King George III was a devout Christian, and he would never have countenanced the creation of a Catholic superpower the New World.

Engraving by Henry Meyer of George III in later life.
The Jacobites drove King George III insane!

With the invasion of New Orleans imminent, the Jacobites ordered the king's doctors to poison him.

They failed, so he was declared "insane," and replaced by the Prince of Wales.

Spencer Perceval was brutally gunned down in the very Houses of Parliament on May 11, 1812.


Spencer Perceval (1772–1812).
Prime Minister from 1809 to 1812.

On May 11, 1812, Spencer Perceval, the Christian Prime Minister of Great Britain, was brutally slain by an assassin from Liverpool named John Bellingham. He left a grieving widow and 12 children.

Prime Minister Perceval was a lot like President Jackson in matters of personal and public conduct. The Prime Minister was very patriotic and loved his country. Though he had a wife and 12 children to support, he refused to use the office of Prime Minister to enrich himself.

King George III called him one of the most honest men that he ever knew.

President Jackson versus the U.S. Bank

President Jackson faced a far deadlier enemy than the Jacobites muskets when he reached the White House. That enemy was the moneychangers of the U.S. Bank. A The first Bank's charter was drafted in 1791 by the Congress, and signed by George Washington.

President Andrew Jackson
President Andrew Jackson
(President from 1829 to1837).

The people LOVED their general and elected him to the Presidency in 1828.

He was sworn in as President with his hand on the Bible on March 4, 1829.

As President, he faced a far deadlier enemy than Jacobite muskets and bayonets in the form of the corrupt U.S. Bank.

Inauguration of President Jackson on March 4, 1829.
Inauguration of President Jackson
on March 4, 1829.

The people loved the hero of the battle of New Orleans, and elected him to the Presidency in the year 1828. He served his country in that high office for 8 years. Little did he know before taking the oath of office that he would face a far more dangerous enemy than ever he faced from the British muskets.

That ferocious enemy was the MONEY POWER represented by the U.S. Bank.

Biddle graduated from the University of Pennsylvania at the age of 13, and from Princeton at 17. He mastered  the secret science of paper money and banking at an early age.

He was head of the 2nd Bank of the U.S. With many Congressmen and Senators financially beholden to him, he wielded great political power. He deliberately created a banking panic and a depression for the purpose of frightening the voters and blaming it on President Jackson. Biddle was later arrested and charged with fraud, but his powerful protectors shielded him from justice . . . in this life.

President Jackson's unflinching determination and unwavering patriotism prevailed against Biddle and his Bank.  President Jackson called the Bank a monster and was determined to pull all its teeth. He said:

I am ready with the screws to draw every tooth and then the stumps.

And our Hero did exactly as he promised. When he left office, the New Jerusalem had a Constitutional currency consisting of silver and gold coins. Our Hero called paper money "RAG MONEY" and this is what he said about it:

The paper-money system and its natural associations—monopoly and exclusive privileges—have already struck their roots too deep in the soil, and it will require all your efforts to check its further growth and to eradicate the evil.

The "Federal" Reserve Bank is just the resurrected monster that President Jackson slew in 1836.
Rachel Jackson was the "President's Lady"

Even before the Battle of New Orleans, Andrew Jackson faced a host of foes all sent by the Jacobites to kill our great HERO. He survived them all thanks to a devoted and praying wife.

Mrs. Andrew Jackson (1767-1828).
Mrs. Andrew Jackson

The corrupt money power stopped at nothing to keep Jackson from reaching the White House.

They even slandered his beloved wife Rachel, and she died of a broken heart before his inauguration.

Tomb of Andrew and Rachel Jackson.
Tomb of Andrew and
Rachel Jackson.

They both sleep together at The Hermitage until the great Resurrection morning.

Behind every great man is a GREAT woman ....Rachel Jackson was the faithful wife of President Jackson. She was the victim of a failed marriage in a time when a divorce was almost impossible to obtain. In order to stop her husband from reaching the White House, the most vicious rumors were spread concerning her former marriage. She literally died of a broken heart just before her husband's inauguration. President Jackson said this about his beloved Rachel:

A being so gentle and so virtuous slander might wound, but could not dishonor.

Her life story was written by award wining author Irving Stone in a book entitled The President's Lady. It was made into a Hollywood movie in 1953 starring Charlton Heston and Susan Hayward.

Jackson statue in Washington City.
All the people who visit Florida in the wintertime to escape the cold weather should thank general Jackson for adding Florida to the Union.
Statue of Jackson in Jacksonville, Florida.

Before the Civil War, January 8 was a BIG holiday and celebration in theNew Jerusalem . . . almost like the 4th of July in January....It's time to return the capital to Philadelphia . . . and restore that great holidiay to its former glory!

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