It is amazing how history repeats itself. That is because the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) never change, and they keep using the same diabolical techniques from century to century. The Third Reich Latin Church hierarchy was exclusively Jesuit . . . and the New Jerusalem hierarchy is exclusively Jesuit!

Adolf and daughter Geli
in 1930.

In 1929, Adolf Hitler—grandson of Queen Victoria—invited his daughter Angela "Geli" Raubal to move to his apartment in Munich.

In a jealous rage, Adolf shot his own daughter with one of the many pistols that he kept in his apartment!

After that murder, Hitler had 2 choices; the Brown House or the jailhouse!


The remains of Donald J. Trump
carried by New Jersey state police.

If Hitler was just another "commoner" without a good lawyer, he would have been given a life sentence for murder . . . or a rope necktie....As it was, the White Pope and the Black Pope saw a golden opportunity to use the compromised Hitler to restore the Papal States!

Pope Pius XI (1857–1939).
Pope from 1922 to 1939.


The White Pope and the Black Pope were delighted with the Munich Murder because they had a Sword of Damocles to hang over Hitler.

It was the Mayerling Lodge Murder all over again because immediately after the murder of Crown Prince Rudolph, Ledochowski joined the Jesuits.

After the death of "Geli," Hitler was ordered to marry a Jesuit nun named Eva Braun . . . or face a trial for murder!!


Wlodimir Ledochowski, S.J.
Jesuit general from 1915 to to 1942.

Only the most zealous and fanatical Jesuits are promoted to general, so it is apparent that Ledochowski was the "brains" behind the murder of the Crown Prince.

After the helicopter crash that killed Donald J. Trump, the Trump Organization had 2 options: admit the death of "The Donald," or cover up the crime and proceed with business as usual. Obviously, they chose the second option.

Satan's throne was moved from Pergamos to Berlin in 1878

2000 years ago, Satan's throne was located in Pergamos:

And to the angel of the congregation in Pergamos write; these things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges; I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan's throne is: and thou holdest fast my name, and you did not deny your faith in me, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth (Apocalypse 2:12-13).

The city of Pergamos in present day Turkey had a massive temple of Zeus.

The ruins of Pergamos.


Pergamos in present day Turkey was the capital city of Zeus/Satan.

The city featured a massive altar of Zeus where bloody sacrifices were offered to Zeus/Satan.

Christian martyr Antipas was roasted alive in a huge bronze bull.


A pictorial
representation of
the massive altar of Zeus.

Antipas was appointed by Saint John as the first bishop of Pergamos. All hell literally broke loose when he began to make converts in the very capital city of the Wicked One.

Antipas was arrested and compelled to offer a sacrifice to the Emperor. When he refused, he was placed in a huge bronze bull, and roasted alive! To the astonishment of the devil worshippers, he sang and praised Christ the Lord during his slow and agonizing death!

Carl Humann (1839–1896).

In 1878, German railway engineer Carl Humann began excavating the ruins of Pergamos.

With permission from the Terrible Turks he removed the artifacts to Berlin.

A museum to exhibit the artifacts was opened in 1910.



The Pergamon Museum was opened
in 1910
to exhibit the artifacts of Pergamos.

The prize possession of the Pergamon Museum in Berlin is the altar of Zeus.

The First Reich was the fake "Holy Roman" Empire of Charlemagne. Charlemagne was a fake "Holy Roman" Emperor because he was not allowed to reign in the city of the Caesars.

The Second Reich began in 1871, and lasted until the defeat of the Imperial Germany by the New Jerusalem in 1918.

Kaiser William II (1859–1941).
Misruled from 1888 to 1918.


"Dead Head" Kaiser Wilhelm II was the favorite grandson of Queen Victoria.

Leviathan, aka the East India Company, was to misrule the waves, while Germany dominated the landmass.

Mighty Orthodox Russia mobilized faster than expected, and the war turned into a 4-year bloody stalemate.

Queen Victoria with her favorite
grandson "Kaiser Bill."

Field Marshall Helmuth von Moltke was fearful of the prospect of Russian troops entering Berlin while he entered Paris. As a result, he lost his nerve, and moved as many as 275,000 soldiers back to East Prussia. Here is an account of that history-changing event from "Kaiser Bill's" cousin Winston Churchill:

And at that culminating moment the Russian pressure began to produce substantial effects. Honour must ever be done to the Tsar and Russian nation for the noble ardour and loyalty with which they hurled themselves into the war. A purely Russian treatment of their military problem would have led the Russian armies into immediate withdrawal from their frontiers until the whole of their vast mobilization was completed. Instead of this, they added to a forward mobilization an impetuous advance not only against Austria but against Germany. The flower of the Russian Army was soon to be cut down in enormous battles in East Prussia. But the results of their invasion were gathered at the decisive point. The nerve of the German Headquarters failed. On August 25 two army corps and cavalry of the German right were withdrawn from France. On August 31 Lord Kitchener was able to telegraph to Sir John French "Thirty-two trains of German troops were yesterday reported moving from the western field to meet the Russians." (Churchill, The World Crisis 1911–1918, p. 147).

Mother Russia has always come back from disasters stronger than ever....However, the President Putin double is keeping both feet on the brakes of the Russian express in order to slow her down!

Houston Steward Chamberlain and Klara Hanover were the real parents of the Führer.

Houston Steward Chamberlain

Houston Steward Chamberlain was the real father of Adolf Hitler,
and Klara Hanover was the mother of the monster.

Baby Adolf was planted with the Alois Hitler family in Vienna.

It is beyond belief but the name H-I-T-L-E-R contains all but 1
letter of the name L-U-T-H-E-R!



Führer Adolf Hitler (18891962).
Führer from 1933 to 1945.

After Hitler murdered his daughter Geli Raubal, he was a complete puppet in the hands of the Nazi hierarchy!

If the Führer had won WWII he would have been crowned "Holy Roman" Emperor by Pope Pius XII, and then sent promptly back to Berlin!

Deutsche Bank financed Adolf Hitler's Third Reich!!

Deutsche Bank was founded in Berlin in the prophetic year of 1870.

Werner von Siemens

Deutsche Bank (Douche Bank) was founded by Georg von Siemens. Von Siemens was the son of Werner von Siemens, who founded the Siemens electrical conglomerate.

Von Siemens electrified Germany by STEALING Nikola Tesla's alternating current inventions!

When Nikola Tesla died in January 1943, John G. Trump confiscated all of his papers!


Georg von Siemens

The Siemens Company was founded in 1847. Based on the telegraph, the company improved on the telegraph invented by Samuel Morse.

There is a very close connection between Deutsche Bank and the Siemens company. Germans are not capable of inventing anything original, so without electrification the country would never have become an industrial powerhouse.

The development of the atomic and and hydrogen bombs by Nazi Germany required vast amonts of Tesla's alternating current.

Nazi banker Hermann Abs

Deutsche Bank chairman Hermann Abs was an ardent supporter of Adolf Hitler.

He also served on the board of chemical colossus
I.G. Farben.

I.G. Farben developed the atomic and hydrogen bombs
for Churchill and Hitler.


Herman Abs was a member of the
I.G. Farben board of directors.

Only 4 of the men on the board of I. G. Farben were convicted of war crimes. With Hitler and Eva enjoying their retirement in Argentina, it was business as usual at Deutsche Bank.

Hermann Abs with fellow Nazi
banker Franz Ulrich.

While Hitler was enjoying his retirement in Argentina, Hermann Abs was chairman of Deutsche Bank from 1957 to 1967.

Abs was succeeded by fellow Nazi banker Franz Ulrich, who was chairman of Deutsche Bank from 1967 to 1976.

It both cases it was a "blind eye to genocide" on a vast scale!



Nazi banker Franz Ulrich

It is beyond belief that the Holohoax Edomites never even made a pretense of prosecuting those 2 war criminals, but turned a "blind eye to genocide," and allowed Hitler's bankers to live to a ripe old age!

Sister Rosemary Vrablic financed the Trump Organization!!

It is to be expected that Deutsche Bank would finance the presidential campaign of the German Trump Organization.

Deutsche Bank HQ in
Frankfort, Germany.

After the Fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Deutsche Bank began a rapid expansion.

Outside Germany, London was their most important banking center.

In 1999, they acquired Bankers Trust and became a major force on Wall Street.

Deutsche Bank HQ at 60 Wall Street
in Babylon the Great.

After the Fall of the Soviet Union, Deutsche Bank opened up a branch in Moscow. Billions of rubles were stolen from Russia, and the money laundered through a Deutsche branch in Cyprus. Then the money was converted into dollars and entered the coffers of the Trump Organzation.

Sister Rosemary Vrablic
(b. 1960).

After the fatal helicopter crash of the real Donald, and the reunification of Germany, money began to pour into the Trump Organization coffers.

The money came from the Moscow branch of Deutsche Bank, and was then laundered through a Cyprus bank.

The Trump Organization's liaison with Deutsche Bank was a nun named Sister Rosemary Vrablic.



"Trump" and Sister Rosemany Vrablic.

Here is a quote about the Trump Organization's special relationship with banker Sister Mary Vrablic:

For the past several years, Deutsche's relationship with Trump had been managed by a banker named Rosemary Vrablic. Serving Trump and his extended family—including the Kuschners clan—had become central to her job, and she wasn't about to let the opportunity to make another loan to her prized client slip away. Vrablic, a slim, stylish woman with short gray hair, was accustomed to getting her way. She was a rainmaker, generating tens of millions of dollars in income for the bank each year. Until recently, she had reported directly to one of the bank's highest ranking U.S. executives, leapfrogging an entire entire level of management. (Enrich, Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction, p. 6).

The real President Putin tried to stop the looting of Russia by Deutsche Bank, and that is why he was assassinated in March 2014.

The inauguration of the Trump double,
January 20, 2017.

As a "thank you' from the Trump Organization, "Sister" Rosemary was given a special seat at the Trump double inauguration.

Democrats would later claim that Trump was financed by Russia!

Sister Rosemary at the Trump double
inaugural, January 20, 2017.

When the Democrats claimed that Trump was financed by Russia they were partially right because the money came from Deutsche Bank via Moocow.

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